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Almost Human

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Network: FOX

A sci-fi drama following a cop paired with a life-like synthetic android in the year 2048.

In 2048 Los Angeles, veteran cop John Kennex returns to the force after being injured in the line of duty. Per a new mandate for all officers, he is reluctantly paired with a synthetic robot that is extremely life-like.

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Posted 06/08/14 at 04:00:46

Curiosity made me watch this show,I can't for the life in me understand why this good show was cancelled!!Will not be watching anymore American series because they just get cancelled,these execs have an "i'm alright Jack"attitude as long as their making lots of money disregard the fans!
Jason Leitch
Posted 06/06/14 at 15:19:02

WTF cancel a great show. Look at me says fox I'm so smart canceling a great show. pricks!!!
Posted 06/05/14 at 18:53:22

Everyone I know just LOVES this show. I am too pissed off to comment further!!!
Ruby Tullis
Posted 06/04/14 at 17:19:30

I too am sick of the networks cancelling the best of tv. Almost Human was a show that we all enjoyed. So different than what is out there. So tired of Reality tv. Please Please bring back this show. It is very good and should be on a network for everyone to enjoy.
Posted 06/04/14 at 10:46:50

WOW!!!another great show!!!! that gets cancelled makes me want to stop watching tv all together!! im pissed off
Posted 05/28/14 at 19:31:36

I'm so bummed. We loved Almost Human - great chemistry between the two leads, wonderful humor, good writing, original and fresh. Any chance Fox could change its mind?
Posted 05/28/14 at 11:42:41

Both my wife and I love this show and that's saying a lot due to my wife does not like a lot of scifi shows
Eddie munoz
Posted 05/27/14 at 20:17:58

of course they cancel one of my favorites. get rid of all those mindless 'reality shows',,,,
Posted 05/27/14 at 07:40:03

Sad that Almost Human has been cancelled!
It had a good storyline and very interesting characters!
I wish the networks would give new shows a chance to grow an audience.
Posted 05/25/14 at 17:05:21

What the ...... ? Fox is obviously trying to encourage me to look elsewhere for GOOD shows because they clearly haven't a clue about what their viewers want. Almost Human is a thoughtful and entertaining show. Perhaps Hulu or Netflix will pick up the series to give me yet another reason to exclusively stream video.
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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Karl Urban (John)
Michael Ealy (Dorian)
Minka Kelly (Valerie)
Mackenzie Crook (Rudy)
Michael Irby (Richard)
Lili Taylor (Cpt Maldonado)