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Almost Human

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Network: FOX

A sci-fi drama following a cop paired with a life-like synthetic android in the year 2048.

In 2048 Los Angeles, veteran cop John Kennex returns to the force after being injured in the line of duty. Per a new mandate for all officers, he is reluctantly paired with a synthetic robot that is extremely life-like.

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Posted 07/15/14 at 17:40:05

Any chance SciFi may pick this up, would be a perfect fit.
Posted 07/10/14 at 19:12:56

Please do not cancel Almost Human. It was a fantastic show.
Posted 07/08/14 at 13:28:34

bring back our show
Frieda Guerrero
Posted 07/04/14 at 23:10:46

Not Happy about this cancellation!
Posted 07/03/14 at 09:59:46

Hey fox because this was cancelled. I would be watching Gang related,, But I need to wait till third season. Trust me I won't have to wait for syndication.. You guys r to quick to pull the trigger. That trigger is now going to Backfire. The count of viewers are misleading ,, many would watch but they been burned too many times.
Posted 07/01/14 at 07:59:54

This show had a "Blade Runner" vibe. I will miss it. It was BOTH dark and funny. Despite the (not too far- fetched) dystopian future presented, the heroes were optimistic-- the synthetic, naturally so, and the human, almost grudgingly so. Against the odds, and the human's bias against synthetics, our heroes partnership was developing. The writing was intelligent. There was so much this could have been if network execs weren't so quick to pull the plug. They need to get over their outdated ratings system. They need to realize how fractured the market is and stop expecting results that shows like M*A*S*H or Friends had.
Posted 06/27/14 at 08:26:48

Why is it that every great show like this one gets cancelled and all thoes stupied like house wifes and others like it stay on. Nbc should be cancelled im just going to watch cable and Netflix its like getting into a relationship and having her or him leave you when things are going good.
I think these people are the type that sit up and watch jerry springer and shows like that all day. If your not a show that people are making a fool of themselfs they cancel it. Nbc sucks same with fox, all dumb assess.
Posted 06/21/14 at 19:00:35

So tired of good shows getting cancelled! So tired of Reality Shows not getting cancelled. Who makes these decisions? Goodbye to just another good show cancelled! Think I will dump cable and get Netflix again! I can watch the news on line!
That guy
Posted 06/18/14 at 16:41:25

This sucks I love that show watch it ever night it came one Wtf fox cancel American Idol if you want to cancel something.
Posted 06/16/14 at 17:51:08

Keep the show on!!! It is good story...
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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Karl Urban (John)
Michael Ealy (Dorian)
Minka Kelly (Valerie)
Mackenzie Crook (Rudy)
Michael Irby (Richard)
Lili Taylor (Cpt Maldonado)