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Almost Human

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Network: FOX

A sci-fi drama following a cop paired with a life-like synthetic android in the year 2048.

In 2048 Los Angeles, veteran cop John Kennex returns to the force after being injured in the line of duty. Per a new mandate for all officers, he is reluctantly paired with a synthetic robot that is extremely life-like.

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Posted 09/07/14 at 21:51:13

Are you kidding me?? WTH did this show get cancelled?? I'm so sick of the crappy "reality" shows coming back over and over and the good shows we enjoy getting cancelled all the time. I think it's time I join my friends and cancel tv service and just go to Netflix only. I HATE bachelor and bachelorette and big brother and survivor...all that cheap tv yet they won't go away. Every good show I keep finding keeps getting cancelled...sickened...Please reconsider. Everyone knows you MUST give shows 2-3 seasons to let everyone find and get into it. We live in a DVR world so every one fast forwards thru commercials and doesn't find out about new shows immediately. Rethink this cancellations idiots with the fat wallets and pretty desks
Frank Jessen
Posted 09/07/14 at 10:09:36

This is one of the greatest shows EVER and then you cancel it, WTF.
It should have at least 4-5 seasons...Please reconsider, the show has alot of fans.
Posted 09/03/14 at 00:36:59

7-3-2014 i posted not watching gang related because of them canceling almost. Ha Ha glad I didnt get into. Third season is when I get into a series.
Jayne Cobb
Posted 08/31/14 at 21:49:54

Way to pull ANOTHER Firefly FOX. You have to have more faith in your scifis.
Give them 2 seasons not one. Firefly fans never forgave you,
Neither will Almost Human
Posted 08/31/14 at 21:36:32

reason I stopped watching regular TV is cuz of the stupid reality shows you people keep putting on
Posted 08/31/14 at 01:45:46

I have just seen the first episode and loved it and was sure it was going to keep going, why cancelled ?, production values too high, ratings low ?? just like intelligence which I got hooked on, it too got cancelled :( bah, the network will probably play another dim reality shows and get dim audiences.......yawwwwwwwwn........
Posted 08/28/14 at 02:00:55

What ever happened to giving a show a chance. I'm done with broadcast channels. You people don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.😒
Posted 08/26/14 at 18:17:09

Can't believe you cancelled almost human....lame move fox...:/
Posted 08/09/14 at 12:55:06

Love the program Almost Human. I looked forward to see what kind of crime they would face each week. I no longer watch FOX because the line up they have put into place does not hold one single ounce of my interest..
Posted 08/08/14 at 16:54:23

I can not believe fox to be so stupid as to cancel this show. It had more promise than half the crap on tv now adays. Its sad to see shows like real housewives and all the other stupid reality shows out there about spoiled people who don't deserve what they have instead of great ideas and great actors. Whats next? Cancel Walking Dead in favor of another show about ugly woman from New Jersey. Id rather watch my own hair grow than watch television anymore if this is what we can look forward too. goodbye Almost Human your time was too short. Hopefully sci fi will see how stupid the people at Fox were and bring the show back.... Ill start holding my breathe now.
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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Karl Urban (John)
Michael Ealy (Dorian)
Minka Kelly (Valerie)
Mackenzie Crook (Rudy)
Michael Irby (Richard)
Lili Taylor (Cpt Maldonado)