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Network: BBCAmerica

A fantasy drama set in a world of legends and mythical creatures.

When Jason, who has been searching for his father for 20 years, washes up on the shores of the ancient and mysterious city of Atlantis, little does he know that his life is about to drastically change. He is now in a world of legendary heroes and mythical creatures.

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Comments (18)

Carol T
Posted 09/12/15 at 15:48:35

Love this show. I truly hope BBC didn't cancel it for it is good entertainment.
Posted 07/10/15 at 22:19:47

Love this show!! Definitely not cancelled.
Posted 06/10/15 at 17:05:37

This show is not cancelled. Season two starts on June 27th.
Posted 05/23/15 at 20:08:35

I would've love to see an actual ending of this show not left it open then cancel it ....
Posted 03/30/15 at 10:14:00

BBC is normally so good with keeping good shows running not like the other tv exs but again then cancel a good show which they also did with copper why?
Posted 02/15/15 at 10:54:32

At last, an end to this crapfest of mangled mythology and history.
Of course it was always targeted toward the uneducated and the culturally ignorant but for anybody with even a modest education in classical mythology or history this was a festering pile of multicultural garbage rendered unwatchable by the writers ignorance.
I am glad that it has been cancelled...
Posted 02/05/15 at 17:09:34

massive bummer on cancellation!
Martin McCormick
Posted 01/26/15 at 08:31:05
Posted 01/24/15 at 11:37:58

Nice show - really disappointed that it got cancelled
Posted 01/05/15 at 17:21:41

I like this show. It's like Once Upon a Time with its own crazy mix and match of ancient characters and events. The aforementioned show has managed to survive despite it's fairy tale collage ... let's see if Atlantis can keep up, I think it can. Looking forward to next season.

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Genre: Drama / Fantasy

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Jack Donnelly (Jason)
Mark Addy (Hercules)
Robert Emms (Pythagoras)
Jemima Rooper (Medusa)
Sarah Parish (Pasiphaƫ)
Juliet Stevenson (The Oracle)