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TV Tidbit: Season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres on Tuesday, Sept 26 at 9:30pm.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Network: Fox

A comedy following a carefree detective and his uptight captain.

Detective Jake Peralta is a laid-back but good cop who doesn't exactly follow the rules too closely. When his precinct gets Captain Ray Holt as its new commanding officer, Jake's relaxed way of doing things doesn't quite jive with the new boss' way of doing things.

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Posted 05/18/15 at 23:10:13

The new 'scrubs' great show
Posted 03/15/15 at 18:40:20

i have seen this show. more than once. it is terrible.
its renewal is the equivalent of a diversity hire/promotion.
Posted 01/26/15 at 04:58:50

This show is awsome I watch. It every night with my family.. I don't realy understand how anyone couldn't love it the show is a great hit and I would watch it over and over again and I do plus it has andy sam burg in it 🔥🔥
Posted 06/28/14 at 22:16:39

Of course Adam Samberg's character is juvenile. That's the whole premise, that he is maddeningly childish but still maintains a high clearance rate. The supporting actors are great: Capt Holt's deadpan responses, Diaz's sociopathic temper, Santiago's uptight brownnosing, Boyle as an inept foodie, bodybuilder Jeffords being high-strung and nervous, Gina's dry, sarcastic manipulations to avoid work or entertain herself, etc.
Posted 06/13/14 at 13:01:21

This show is pure crap! It is so stupid and childish in it's "humor" that I couldn't even finish the very first episode. I understand that TV Guide wants to name it one of the best comedies of the year. That explains a lot about how really good shows like "Those Who Kill", "Hostages", and "Intelligence" get cancelled. If people think this stupid garbage is actually entertainment then something that you actually have to put half a brain cell into watching doesn't stand a chance of staying on the air.
Posted 05/24/14 at 09:45:24

Great show, wonderful premise. The perfect show for "Office" fans who still miss that series.
Posted 03/27/14 at 22:53:44

Hilarious!!! Kinda replaced the office with the same kind of sense of humour but 1000000000 times better! Love this show <333333
Posted 03/09/14 at 16:12:05

B99! I hope it goes 50 seasons!
Posted 03/05/14 at 08:56:23

Thou shall not cancel 99.
Posted 02/10/14 at 14:43:57

I'm not going to lie.. I laugh... not at everything but enough that I continue to watch. (it has the feel of The Office but at a police station) I see it as having potential.

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Genre: Comedy

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Andy Samberg (Jake)
Andre Braugher (Ray)
Melissa Fumero (Amy)
Terry Crews (Terry)
Joe Lo Truglio (Charles)
Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa)
Chelsea Peretti (Gina)