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Network: CW

A drama following a journalist and production assistant who investigate mysteries surrounding a popular TV series.

A journalist blogger and a production assistant on a popular crime television show called "Cult" investigate mysterious disappearances linked to the popular series. They suspect that fans of the show are re-creating the crimes that are portrayed on the series.

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Posted 05/11/14 at 07:22:45

I wish they'd bring this back so we can see what happened to Roger. It was lousy a first, but I stuck with it and got addicted. I was very happy when they allowed the final episodes to air, but disappointed it ended with a cliffhanger we'll never get off of.
Posted 05/16/13 at 18:39:55

I think the problem here wasn't Cult being a bad show, it was having a similar plot to The Following, which is much awesome and besides stars Kevin Bacon.
But I really hate when networks cancel shows in the middle of a season, at least release the episodes left, right? It wouldn't cause any harm and they're really forgetting about the fans here. We weren't that many, well, yeah, but don't you think we might need some closure here?
Posted 05/13/13 at 06:26:26

I liked this show at first...lost interest along the way...guess it was moving to slow...did anyone ever find out what that saying meant "Well hey, these things just snap right off"....I didn't stick around long enough to figure it out
Posted 04/16/13 at 11:15:17

I like the show. I'm tired of all the good shows being cancelled. Stop being pussy's its not that bad try watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre or something.
Posted 03/30/13 at 22:03:24

I like the show. I'm tired of all the good shows being cancelled. Stop being pussy's its not that bad try watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre or something.
Posted 03/30/13 at 13:05:53

its also super boring, i cant sit through the whole episode i always wonder off.
Posted 03/24/13 at 11:10:38

I like scary thriller stuff, but this show is just creepy. I watched the first show and deleted the series from my list.
Posted 03/19/13 at 07:02:00

The only good part to the show is the freaking hot computer hacker.
Posted 02/27/13 at 20:53:31

love this show. hope it survives. love how it's all twisted and messing with your head all the time! on a side note, i also love dexter!! :D
Posted 02/21/13 at 03:03:47

Do no harm was also a stupid idea and another show that has just one time on the air and had the lowest rating ever for a new show. All of these seem to be written by a twisted mind. It does not entertain me, just creates tention that I do not need. Dexter is anotherm show that is twisted, can not watch these shows. What is the world coming to when we subject our youth to this garbage.

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Genre: Drama

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Matthew Davis (Jeff)
Jessica Lucas (Skye)
Alona Tal (Kelly)
Robert Knepper (Roger/Billy)