Is My Show Cancelled - Does Someone Have To Go?

Is My Show Cancelled ?
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Does Someone Have To Go?

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Network: Fox

A reality series where employees are given the power to make decisions that better the company.

This series is an unscripted workplace 'experiment' where employees are given the power to make changes in the workplace – even as far as letting co-workers go.

The purpose is to try and rid the work environment of lazy, incompetent, or toxic employees in the name of creating a better place to work and overall long-term success for the company.

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Comments (5)

Posted 05/16/16 at 08:04:56

Bring it back we want more!!!!!
Posted 05/16/16 at 08:03:35

But it was funny😂😂😂
Posted 05/16/16 at 08:02:50

Good way to get disgruntled employees to shoot up the workplace.
Brian B
Posted 11/22/14 at 20:30:09

BOO!!! It was a great premise of a show. Wasted opportunity.
lindsey w
Posted 05/15/14 at 22:55:47

BOOOOO!! I generally dislike most reality shows but this one was different. I truly enjoyed how unique the idea for the show was, especially compared to all the other reality crap tv out there. Just love this show. FOX I think you should give this show a try again.I think you'd be surprised at how well it would do. I talked about it with everyone and even posted on Facebook about it. I admit few people had heard of it so I think with better promoting it would do surprisingly well second time around. Heck, I'd spread the word through all my social media outlets and text it out to everyone and actuAlly verbally tell folks all about it...see, free advertising right there!!

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Genre: Reality

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