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Network: USA

A drama following a group of officials from various U.S. law enforcement agencies.

A group of officials from agencies such as the FBI, DEA and ICE are brought together to take part in an undercover operation. They are all assigned to share a beach house together in Southern California as part of the job.

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Posted 09/06/13 at 08:44:31

Dude at my work told me they cancelled this this true??
Posted 09/05/13 at 22:40:27

Renew it please it is the best show I have seen in a long time
Posted 09/05/13 at 16:39:01

I hope the show is renewed!!! I love it. I would say best new show of the summer. I about died when I found out is is a possible cancel. I think maybe not enough folks knew about it. So good!!
Posted 09/04/13 at 17:02:29

I don't know how anyone could not love this show! it has a great storyline and if they renew it and keep the plot going in the right direction, not to fast and not to slow, this could be one of the greatest shows in history. I would go as far as saying that is better than burn notice, white collar, NCIS, royal pains, and psyche. If any one wants this show canceled it is only because their girlfriend or boyfriend would rather watch Graceland than fool around.... or they hate the world. I love this show and it should be renewed!
Posted 09/03/13 at 23:11:43

Should be cancelled.
r jones
Posted 09/03/13 at 09:25:56

great show
Posted 09/03/13 at 08:16:32

@Rudi/Mandy: Bull****, dumb ****s. Clearly you two are NOTHING but ignorant pieces of **** with equally utter ****ing garbage taste. Contrary to what worthless **** stains on the populous like yourselves spout, Graceland is not a "pretty boring show" or deserving of being cancelled as far as its quality by ANY stretch of the imagination had by those of us who aren't worthless dip****s like yourself. It's an often wonderfully excited, exceptionally well-written, all-around solid piece of filmmaking that only tasteless ****tards like yourself would EVER spout such ignorant bull**** about.

@carol: That said, your suggestion that this show is in ANY way, shape or form "the best out there" is likewise nothing but a load of idiotic ****ing blatantly untrue hore****. Graceland's great, but there are COUNTLESS shows out there, both on live-action, anime, or what have you that beat the living **** out of it in every aspect. Get your facts straight before you spout such bull**** again.

@Steph: Fair comment, but only in that it's simply not performing as well as it needs to in the ratings. If by any means you meant to slight the quality of the show by that statement, however, then your just as much an ignorant piece of **** as the rest of them.

@All of the above: Shut the **** up and educate yourself before you spout such inane bull**** again. fAiling that, just go **** your slutty-ass bitch mothers, contract heir many stds and die; do us all a favor.
I'll be taking my permanent leave of this **** page and site, so this is our last contact and your undoubtedly bull**** replies will NEVER reach me. Deal, dumb ****s. I and my facts win, you and your ignorant bull**** lose.
michele i
Posted 09/01/13 at 15:04:10

this show NEEDS to be renewed.....i can live without it.
Posted 09/01/13 at 05:10:39

The smart thing to do would be to cancel the show.
Posted 08/30/13 at 17:58:34

Love it!! RENEW!!!!
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Aaron Tveit (Mike)
Vanessa Ferlito (Catherine)
Brandon Jay McLaren (Dale)
Manny Montana (Joe)
Serinda Swan (Paige)