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Network: USA

A drama following a group of officials from various U.S. law enforcement agencies.

A group of officials from agencies such as the FBI, DEA and ICE are brought together to take part in an undercover operation. They are all assigned to share a beach house together in Southern California as part of the job.

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Posted 09/10/13 at 09:47:32

"Graceland" has been renewed for Season 2, USA Network announced Tuesday. The drama, created by "White Collar's" Jeff Eastin and starring Daniel Sunjata and Aaron Tveit, has been picked up for 13 episodes.
Posted 09/10/13 at 09:09:48

I will be very upset if they cancel this show.It is my favorite tv show right now and is the best show USA has had in a long time. Please don't cancel. I have to see if Paige and Mike get together
Suzanne Cantwell
Posted 09/09/13 at 16:35:36

Love this show, should be renewed!!!
Posted 09/09/13 at 12:41:51

This show should be canceled.
Posted 09/06/13 at 16:41:58

Graceland is one of the best shows! Please don't cancel. Every time I love a show they cancel it. Then they wonder why everyone watches all the dumb reality shows
There's nothing left.
Posted 09/06/13 at 13:45:15

Honestly it would be a really stupid idea to not renew Graceland for another season.
This show is exactly what USA network Needs being that burn notice is ending this week
This show is my favorite show on t.v and arguably the best show on USA network canceling
This show would be very stupid idea. This show hasn't been on a full season
And already has developed a cult like fan base to end that all in one season would be
Stupid and unfair to the fans who want to know were this story plays out
Honestly the reason I think why the ratings are as low as they are is cause people weren't really paying attention to it as often because it is a big t.v season this summer shows like burn
Notice and futurama and breaking bad ending ofcourse people will be more drawn to those oppose to watching a brand new show but I think if you give Graceland a chance to live to the second season the ratings will go up tremendously when people see what an amazing show they were please don't common law us ...we love this show and we want to see it flourish don't Cancel it.
Posted 09/06/13 at 11:44:41

Are you kidding me? This is one of the worst shows ever. Cancel!
Posted 09/06/13 at 08:44:31

Dude at my work told me they cancelled this this true??
Posted 09/05/13 at 22:40:27

Renew it please it is the best show I have seen in a long time
Posted 09/05/13 at 16:39:01

I hope the show is renewed!!! I love it. I would say best new show of the summer. I about died when I found out is is a possible cancel. I think maybe not enough folks knew about it. So good!!

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Daniel Sunjata (Paul)
Aaron Tveit (Mike)
Vanessa Ferlito (Catherine)
Brandon Jay McLaren (Dale)
Manny Montana (Joe)
Serinda Swan (Paige)