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King & Maxwell

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Network: TNT

A drama following former Secret Service agents working as private detectives.

Sean King & Michelle Maxwell are private investigators with a unique skill set they obtained in their previous line of work as Secret Service agents. Together they use those skills and connections to solve cases that are too difficult for your typical law enforcement officers.

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Posted 09/01/14 at 07:47:53

Best show
Harriet Todd
Posted 08/07/14 at 05:54:28

Big disappointment - bring it back! Fun to watch.
Posted 07/09/14 at 15:04:45

king and Maxwell great show tnt gets veiwers hooked pull the plug u have no allegiance to your veiwers we will start grassroots movement to boycott and refuse to patronize your sponsors
Posted 07/07/14 at 22:22:42

Bad move. Show was very entertaining and fresh. Too bad I am over 49. We Baby Boomers do not count in the ratings game. TNT just lost a viewer. Oh, that is right, Ibdo not count. Too old!!!
Posted 07/06/14 at 17:57:26

This was one of my favorites. Should not have been cancelled.
Posted 07/04/14 at 17:51:41

I agree that this show should be brought back. I am reading the David Baldacci Maxwell and King series which I found about because of the TV show. There is so much interesting material in the books that would make it a good TV series. You folks at TNT need to wake up.
Posted 06/15/14 at 14:44:14

Terrible news. We have been waiting for King & Maxwell to start up again with season II. Really an engaging show! Stupid cancellation of one of the best shows on television. Probably takes a bit for a new summer series to catch on. A lot of people don't watch tv much in the summer. What a shame.
Ida Hernandez
Posted 06/05/14 at 13:13:06

I loved this show, please renew the series. Do not cancel!
Ellen Crenwelge
Posted 06/02/14 at 14:45:06

it was a great show.the entire cast was great....for all those fools that voted to cancel it....shame on you.....those fools prolly wont read this.they too busy watching the bachelor or the bachelorette or duck know.all those educational shows...TNT DOES NOT KNOW DRAMA!!!!!
Robert Herbig
Posted 05/22/14 at 09:40:06

I just watched all 10 episodes and I loved everyone. I was curious why so few? I then found out TNT gave up on it. Travesty! Unfair! TNT: you should be ashamed of your lack of insight into quality programming!
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Jon Tenney (Sean)
Rebecca Romijn (Michelle)
Michael O'Keefe (Frank)
Chris Butler (Darius)
Ryan Hurst (Edgar)