King & Maxwell

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Jun 10, 2013 - Aug 12, 2013




Drama / Crime


Sean - Jon TenneyMichelle - Rebecca RomijnFrank - Michael O'KeefeDarius - Chris ButlerEdgar - Ryan Hurst

A drama following former Secret Service agents working as private detectives.

Sean King & Michelle Maxwell are private investigators with a unique skill set they obtained in their previous line of work as Secret Service agents. Together they use those skills and connections to solve cases that are too difficult for your typical law enforcement officers.

Comments (251)

12/23/13 at 10:44am

Really liked this show. Watched every episode. If you want to cancel garbage cancel Major Crimes that the spin doctors keep telling us is so good. Haven't been able to watch more than 5 minutes of any episode.
12/18/13 at 02:35pm

This was one of our few must-watch shows! Our family is dismayed that such a promising show has been canceled. Please bring back King and Maxwell, featuring more of Edgar. We often speak of the program's absence, lamenting the loss of our beloved "Edgar Show!"
12/13/13 at 12:20pm

I've already protested the cancellation of this show and I intend to keep protesting!! I read that networks are more likely to READ a letter than an email of protest about a show cancellation,so TNT expect a letter!!...ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!
12/09/13 at 07:34am

You've got to be kidding! You keep renewing dribble and cancel shows with substance. I guess your real target demographis is 10-16.
12/04/13 at 08:55am

Another one to remove from my DVR list. You suck, TNT!
12/03/13 at 01:09am

LOVE this one! Why cancel such a jewel? Major Crimes is lame. Cancel that one already. I still have the whole season saved on my dvr and watch it over again.
12/02/13 at 05:36am

Oh come on, get a GOOD show like King and Maxwell and TNT cancels it. Where is you'll head, it was a great show ,makes me not want to watch TNT at all.
11/30/13 at 02:42pm

Once again they cancel a refreshing great new show and leave all the crap on. Major crimes..really? Razzoli and Isles? Same, same, same
11/29/13 at 07:32pm

We are SO DISAPPOINTED... another winner bites the dust...
Joy Bryant
11/28/13 at 01:41pm

OMG!! I have been waiting for the new season of King & Maxwell and now I find out it's cancelled!! It seems like every time a good, new show comes on it's cancelled before you get a chance to really enjoy it fully or see characters develop!! BRING IT BACK...PLEASE!!

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