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King & Maxwell

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Network: TNT

A drama following former Secret Service agents working as private detectives.

Sean King & Michelle Maxwell are private investigators with a unique skill set they obtained in their previous line of work as Secret Service agents. Together they use those skills and connections to solve cases that are too difficult for your typical law enforcement officers.

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Posted 11/14/13 at 21:11:43

Is there still hope of 'King & Maxwell" being back? Please say there is!!!!
Posted 11/11/13 at 09:56:49

I wonder if anyone has read a David Baldacci book before they decided to cancel this show. Great characters,plots and relationships. Just finished The Sixth Man. Anyone recognize the similarities between Edgar Roy and the Edgar on the show? My husband and I loved this show and can't believe it lost to ridiculous sit-coms on TV today.
Posted 11/10/13 at 17:35:32

BRING BACK KING AND MAXWELL!!! love this show.
Posted 11/10/13 at 11:17:57

UNBELIEVABLE!! This show was witty,fun and filled with loveable quirky characters!! It takes ALOT to make me laugh,but this shows always managed to do that through character interaction and the funny "set-up" scenes. I have never protested online the cancellation of a show,but this mindless decision by TNT warrants it!! Bring back King & Maxwell!!
Posted 11/09/13 at 07:46:36

Granted, the shows you rerun are good, but ENOUGH. I loved King & Maxwell. BRING IT BACK
Posted 11/07/13 at 00:30:16

Please reconsider. This show was fun to watch. Once again, a good show is cancelled while the crummy ones continue. Do the networks only continue shows with explicit sexual situations, profanity and immoral behavior? I also notice an increase in the attempts to desensitize viewers to witchcraft, Satanism, seriel killers, etc. I am ready to shut the set down with no regrets.
Mary and James Judkins
Posted 11/06/13 at 02:10:31

There is becoming fewer and fewer shows to watch together and this is one of the best!
Please bring it back!
Posted 11/02/13 at 18:24:30

My husband and I were just wondering when the second season is starting, I'd love to see this show grow and watch the characters really come into themselves it's a shame that will never happen.
Posted 11/02/13 at 08:47:19

Can't believe King and Maxwell has been cancelled. Great show - interesting plots - loved the humour between characters.
Why do all the good ones get cancelled and we are left with nothing but over the top brutal and shoot'em up cop shows.
Posted 10/29/13 at 10:35:55

Loved this show...Why did you cancel it? Please bring it back. Very disappointed!
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Jon Tenney (Sean)
Rebecca Romijn (Michelle)
Michael O'Keefe (Frank)
Chris Butler (Darius)
Ryan Hurst (Edgar)