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A comedy following a mother who reconnects with the son she gave up for adoption years ago.

After years of drinking and sleeping her way up and down Broadway, Tony-winning diva Madison Banks is surprised when she is confronted with the son she gave up for adoption 26 years ago.

While she may have played countless roles on stage, Madison knows next to nothing about being a mother. But with the encouragement of her friends, Madison invites her son to move into her Park Avenue condo to see if she might have a chance at being a motherly figure in his life.

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Posted 11/16/14 at 06:48:50

Love this show. Why do you cancel all the good ones. Great cast think I'll stop watching tv all together. All there is on is crap about vampires, dr and cop shows and violence. Lighten up people and dig deep to get your sense of humor back!!
Posted 11/15/14 at 05:41:15

Terrible show!
Posted 10/16/14 at 22:21:06

How ridiculous that this hilarious show gets the ax they couldn't of picked a perfect cast. The chemistry they all have clicks so well it showed. Obviously alot of people missed that. Its diappointing you look forward to its return, just to hear it didn't. Kirstie & the rest of the cast members will be missed. I Loved her show. They really should reconsider.
Posted 10/02/14 at 15:00:34

How many TV sitcoms has this woman been on that were cancelled after one season or sooner??!! Go destroy the lives of ex-Scientologists, Kristie, that's all you're good for these days.
Posted 09/12/14 at 13:46:44

At 26 y/o, the mother & child reunion concept labors for anything other than a one episode chat show run. Kirstie & Rhea are both well known brands, but may have outlived their ability to carry a show.
Ron W.
Posted 07/30/14 at 11:53:23

Sadly it's been cancelled. :(
Posted 07/25/14 at 16:44:38

I keep looking for a re run ...I hope they give this show another chance....Michael Richards( with his few "Kramer" moves is hilarious......Reah is great and the guest stars especially John Travolta(with the painted on hair) was worth give a half of my life attention
Posted 07/17/14 at 17:42:31

I gave it a chance and it was a slow start but stuck with it and loved it especially all the new famous quests that appear on show.
Posted 07/12/14 at 12:20:35

I hope this show is not cancelled. It is a very cleverly written funny show with a great ensemble cast.
Posted 07/02/14 at 07:40:42

The Kirstie Show is by far the best cast. Michael and Rhea are really funny and the actor who plays her Son can be good with better material. What they probably need is better comedy writers like Hot in Cleveland. It is true why did they cancelled Happily Divorced? Please give Kirstie show a second season. She is very popular and a great actress. Get better comedy writers!

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Kirstie Alley (Madison)
Rhea Perlman (Thelma)
Michael Richards (Frank)
Eric Petersen (Arlo)