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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Sep 24, 2013 - Present




Drama / Sci-fi


Phil - Clark GreggGrant - Brett DaltonMelinda - Ming-Na WenLeo - Iain De CaesteckerJemma - Elizabeth HenstridgeSkye - Chloe Bennet

An action drama following Agent Phil Coulson and his worldwide S.H.I.E.L.D. law enforcement team.

Agent Phil Coulson has assembled a highly-select group of Agents from the worldwide law-enforcement organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. Together they protect the ordinary from the extraordinary around the world.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. team consists of combat & espionage expert Grant Ward, pilot & martial artist Melinda May, engineer Leo Fitz, bio-chemist Jemma Simmons, and computer hacker Skye.

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michael dobey
05/12/17 at 05:56am

Awesome! Another season. One thing is certain, they need to keep the Ghost Rider around. The more he's in the show the more people will watch it. And we get a fourth season no less. Very good news.
Renew This Now
05/09/17 at 07:59pm

SHIELD continues to be a great show. Exploring the framework and how it impacts life in this reality was intriguing.
Just Keith
04/24/17 at 09:23pm

The show is jumping the shark with every episode. I used to like it, but it's really gone off the deep end.
I don't find it surprising that ABC, which has no love for this administration or those of like mindedness, would switch over to a story line where Hydra has conquered the world shortly after their opposition party has won. Just an observation.
04/14/17 at 04:48pm

I like the show but it has to be more focused. Get rid of the clone substitutes and get back to what made this show so much fun the first few seasons.
04/05/17 at 06:17am

Agents of Shield was good the first two seasons, but now it's just gotten stupid. No one wants to bother to keep track of who's real and who's not and it seems the show has jumped the shark for the last time. They broke this show and now it's time to cancel it.
12/07/16 at 07:49am

Most likely ABC will cancel it, it has the worst ratings of all ABC shows, 2.5 million isn't cutting it for it to be renewed. I would be surprised if it got a 5th season renewal.
11/13/16 at 11:08am

Has anyone heard of them looking to cancel this show?
10/12/16 at 03:18pm

This show has gone downhill since the first season. I actually stopped watching and lost total interest. There are too many other great shows out there .. the flash beats it by far!
Parish J
11/03/15 at 05:40pm

Hmmmmmmm, 3 seasons so far with no signs of cancellation! This show is so f'ing awesome! I love Melinda May/Ming Na-Wen! Can't replace her with anyone! Keep it going ABC! lovin' it
Avengers fan
12/14/14 at 04:13pm

I didnt think this would turn out to be any good after the pilot but after watching all of season 1 I felt the same as those complaining about the cast I thought I'd never like them but now that I've seen all of season one I actually love all the characters and can't wait to see what happens itd be a disaster to cancel the show now it needs to stick around as it fills in many of the blanks between all the movies. Now I'm a huge fan I used to kinda like ward but grew to hating him in the end and don't see him going anywhere but staying a villain who can never be trusted again. But inevitably hell stick around it seems and well see what secrets Skye holds hope her "dark side" isn't corny. But I think the shows a great success despite ratings these tv companies need to understand that people don't tune in weekly as much as they used to now that there's Netflix and Hulu and other streaming services many like myself can't afford TiVo & have to use other people's accts like gmas Netflix to watch. I've gotta busy schedule and can't watch every week so what I do is wait for them to be on Netflix or something and binge watch it for about a week on my down time. Which is before bed. But they need stop canceling shows firefly being a perfect example of why. Also when they do so and so often FOX! It makes me not even wanna invest my time or care into shows that I may enjoy that get cancels n fox ruined too many it's now hard to trust tv companies to actually finish what they start but the avengers is a massive $ cash cow & will always be succesful. It would be a huge mistake to cancle this great show that turned out way better than I'd ever expected it to. The characters grow on you & really make us care I'm lovin this show so whatever they do they better keep it going maybe cancle the fosters or any other awful show on abc that many hate and don't care about as they're more propaganda pieces than art and try to mold society into whatever is going on politically. This however doesn't at least if it does its kept to a minimum and is used as a reference more than brainwash like the fosters which can be cancled and I'd care less in fact I'd praise its demise & any other show on this network should get sacced so shield can steal the show and thrive its high budget great cast and guest appearances are great it ties the avengers stories together better than any other shows about them have been able to do the cartoons are corny this seemed like it would be a corny sci fi show but turned out surprisingly great! KEEP AGENTS OF SHIELD! Ditch w/e is needed to keep this show on the air as ya the only show on tv left worth watching since breaking bad ended and weeds and Californication its rare to find good shows that smart people can enjoy as most is all dumb down so bad I feel I'm loosing IQ points just for being subjected to the stupidity inducing tv shows on 99% of the air waves these days and these few shows in that very short list are actually the only ones worth investing the time in. So please abc keep the last show on tv worth watching alive long & successful career it needs like 10 seasons shot and ready to go now so we don't have to fear it being cancled each season.

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