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Masters of Sex

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A drama following two pioneering researchers of human sexuality.

William Masters, a brilliant scientist, and Virginia Johnson, a single working mother, are considered pioneers in the science of human sexuality. Their research helped spark the sexual revolution, taking them from a mid-western hospital to the cover of Time Magazine. This period drama chronicles their unusual lives, romance, and influence on pop culture.

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Posted 11/30/16 at 22:04:25

I knew this was going to be the end. Everything wrapped up too perfectly in that last episode.
Appropriate to end the series here, despite the fact I will miss seeing new episodes.
Posted 11/28/15 at 22:09:12

Absolutely brilliant! They got the old-timey vibe perfectly. Can't wait for season 4.
Posted 09/26/14 at 14:37:16

This show is absolutely brilliant! I love it so much!
Joseph Montes
Posted 09/10/14 at 11:45:39

Oops, "Story of My Life" episode ; Libby uses a wireless remote to shut off a television, not possible, didn't have "wireless" remotes back then ... don't believe me, look it up ... Still love the show !!!
Posted 08/29/14 at 11:28:28

LOVE it !!! Yeah, Paila, Libby Rocks kinda Grace Kellyesque ... I find Kaplan especially alluring this season, very nice . Give me more !!!
Paila friedman
Posted 07/21/14 at 13:11:40

Great show I had to buy season. 1
Please keep show going. Love Love Libby Cannot Take my eyes off of her she has Star quality. Everything about show brilliant
Posted 05/30/14 at 12:32:56

WOW !!! Only 3 comments, talk about apathy. Oh well I don't care, I really like the show, so much in fact that I am willing to watch it AND let others know. I can hardly wait for it to return.
Love it!!!!
Posted 02/20/14 at 16:25:36

I normally don't watch MA shows...... But this one ROCKS!!!
Posted 02/18/14 at 18:24:39

It's a great show, I love historical-based shows
Posted 12/03/13 at 12:19:44

No comments yet ... hard to believe. No matter, I have one. Fantastic show great writing greater acting, brilliant !!! Can hardly wait for each episode.

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Genre: Drama

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Michael Sheen (William)
Lizzy Caplan (Virginia)
Caitlin Fitzgerald (Libby)
Teddy Sears (Dr. Langham)
Nicholas D'Agosto (Dr. Haas)