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An Internet-inspired improv comedy panel show.

Chris Hardwick hosts this comedy panel show, where three comedians compete against each other in a series of Internet-themed improv games. Each game begins with a stated Internet meme trending that day, and the panel is asked to craft a funny response or choose the correct answer to multiple choices. Contestants are awarded points for each correct, or acceptably funny, answer.

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George Lermert Breithaupt. III
Posted 04/06/17 at 20:39:21

@Midnight is wonderfully funny and Hardwick is a quick quipper. Yes if you don't like it f off!!! I bet you like some programs That I hate. Should they be canceled because I don't like them?????
Cindy & Mike Todd
Posted 03/19/17 at 11:39:19

We love Chris Hardwick and @midnight! PLEASE RENEW!! For those who think he's not funny, DON'T watch, duh! Let the rest of us who DO like him and the show keep watching!
Posted 01/11/17 at 20:21:26

Chris Hardwick sucks and is not funny...please cancel ASAP

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