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Network: ABC

A drama following the scandalous lives of four female friends.

Four friends - Savi, Josslyn, April and Karen - live scandalous lives but find support and guidance with one another through the ups and downs of their complex relationships.

Based on the UK television series of the same name, Mistresses follows this sassy group of girlfriends' path to self-discovery in the midst of secrecy and betrayal.

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Posted 05/26/17 at 03:57:52

Miss this show ! Indulgent fun entertainment ! I don't think it was about adultery or acholizm I think it was about what we as women experience or can experience and how having that close bond to their women gets us through our hardships, whatever they are. Gave me comfort peace of Mn and enjoyment!! Really miss it!!!
Posted 11/18/16 at 11:00:40

Good! There's enough crap in the world without contributing to it with a show about adultery, lying, cheating and making excuses about the behavior.
Posted 09/09/16 at 20:35:27

EW confirms its canceled :(
Posted 09/08/16 at 08:33:45

whats with all the jumping ahead? Is this showendind? PLEASE Say NO.
deborah brown
Posted 09/07/16 at 12:00:48

I hate you killed Karen off the show, it will not be the same without her. you could have killed the baby sitter and the show has jump up to fast with Joss having a baby and Harry having a grown son.
Posted 04/17/16 at 23:02:37

I really enjoy the series but I miss Savi, hope she returns!
Posted 02/14/16 at 18:56:47

Thanks for not canceling "Mistress". It is the best tv show to me.
Posted 01/20/16 at 18:10:49

Please don't cancel mistresses! I love this show! Hope savi comes back!
Posted 09/01/15 at 08:07:59

I hope they renew the show love it miss savi though
Posted 05/22/15 at 16:26:53

Can not wait until season 3!!!

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Genre: Drama

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Alyssa Milano (Savannah)
Yunjin Kim (Karen)
Rochelle Aytes (April)
Jes Macallan (Josslyn)
Brett Tucker (Harry)
Jason George (Dominic)
Erik Stocklin (Sam)