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Monday Mornings

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Network: TNT

A medical drama based on a novel by Sanjay Gupta.

Monday Mornings follows five doctors in their professional and personal lives at a Portland hospital.

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Ntih mariette
Posted 05/14/16 at 14:08:21

the show was quite great am heartbroken to hear it has been cancelled
Posted 07/11/15 at 19:45:54

Can the rights of the show be sold or bought to another network.
Posted 07/01/15 at 21:50:13

I know I'm really late to this party but just had to share my dismay over this series being cancelled. As a nurse, I love a good, realistic medical show. There have been several,over the years that I have hated to see go off the air. But I must say this was one was prob the very best. ( Hate to admit that it's been on my TIVO since it aired and I decided a few days ago to take a look. So I've been marathon watching since then and was hoping to find that there was a season two online somewhere I could jump into.). So saddened by this.
Linda Tonner
Posted 06/05/15 at 15:38:16

Can u please reconsider this fab show it's brill please make a season 2
Posted 03/25/15 at 10:54:52

From the UK - got the show on cable late last year - absolutely brilliant - acting , storyline and development. How could TNT let something this good be cancelled. Appallingly bad decision. Understand Fox are to do re-run - I've seen it but will watch the re-runs as they were so good. I don't think the scheduling was good and there was next to no marketing (we noticed it was on by accident and wife thought I'd like it from the title and a one line synopsis). If schedule and marketing are fixed show would achieve much higher ratings/ audience.
Posted 01/21/15 at 09:34:44

No way!!!! Best show on TV! Please reconsider, hate to see this one get canceled.
Michael C
Posted 11/17/14 at 15:53:51

Still cant believe TNT cancelled it!! It really did remind me of ER, like everyone's saying. Very dumb move! AND, they ended on a cliffhanger!!!!!! STUPID!!!!
Posted 11/07/14 at 14:08:04

Completely idiotic to cancel this show. Great acting, great storyline, good development. Idiotic! Would like an explanation
Roslyn Huger
Posted 10/18/14 at 12:06:03

I can't believe Monday Mornings was of the best shows on TV and there aren't many. Pleassssse bring back!!!
Posted 08/22/14 at 14:01:47

I was just looking back at semi-recent cancellations, I've only watched a few of the shows. This one hurt, I really liked it.

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Genre: Drama / Medical

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Jamie Bamber (Tyler)
Jennifer Finnigan (Tina)
Bill Irwin (Buck)
Alfred Molina (Harding)
Sarayu Rao (Sydney)
Ving Rhames (Jorge)
Keong Sim (Sung)
Jonathan Silverman (John)