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A police procedural where the perpetrator is revealed early but their motive must be discovered.

In Motive, the victim and killer are revealed to viewers early in each episode, but the circumstances leading to the crime, including the motive behind it, must be investigated by a team of detectives and a medical examiner.

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Linda Pineo
Posted 06/02/14 at 16:51:14

Love the show, the actors are great particularly Kristen Lehman. It' would be a pity if it was cancelled especially since the last episode was a cliff hanger where Det. Flynn is thinking of quitting her job.
Posted 05/31/14 at 08:36:05

Renew "MOTIVE." One of the best shows on TV.
Posted 05/31/14 at 08:33:25

MOTIVE is a great show. Very classy and good actors. It needs to be renewed for the next season. Please!
Posted 05/30/14 at 14:51:57

"Motive" renewed for S03...
Posted 05/29/14 at 20:24:28

Season 3 yes or no?
Gail Hawrychuk
Posted 05/09/14 at 14:15:05

I love the format of this show - it's by far the best idea than always trying to figure out who did it (same old same old). This one gets the neurons sparking for sure. I hope that it runs for a long time. Love the cast too - great personalities that work together and that it shows off Vancouver/Canada is a plus.
Thank you, G.E.H.
Posted 04/14/14 at 06:16:55

Pleased to see that this has a second series. Just hope we get to see in England. Love the concept as it is fun trying to find the links. I believe that I am not the only one who hates enjoying a series only to find it scrapped just as it gets even better after a couple of episodes. Long may this show rule as we need good crime shows like this.
Natasha Baptiste
Posted 02/13/14 at 15:56:31

Thank you ABC for renewing this show, there are few with strong women in the lead roles and you have most of them. Thanks!!!!!
Posted 11/04/13 at 19:10:51

renewed yea! TY
Semiramis Herszon
Posted 10/08/13 at 07:43:43

I cannot believe this show was cancelled.... Please put back on...and unforgatable toooo...please
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Kristin Lehman (Det. Flynn)
Louis Ferreira (Det. Vega)
Brendan Penny (Det. Lucas)
Lauren Holly (Dr. Rogers)
Cameron Bright (Manny)
Roger Cross (Sgt. Bloom)