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A police procedural where the perpetrator is revealed early but their motive must be discovered.

In Motive, the victim and killer are revealed to viewers early in each episode, but the circumstances leading to the crime, including the motive behind it, must be investigated by a team of detectives and a medical examiner.

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Eileen Batson
Posted 09/12/14 at 19:41:30

Love the show, Please bring it back.The format and acting is very good. I have no problem hearing the dialogue.
Posted 09/10/14 at 11:03:56

A solid show. I never miss an episode and enjoy every one. I hope it comes back for season 3.
Posted 09/06/14 at 12:55:14

I love this show so much. Please don't cancel
Posted 08/30/14 at 21:03:12

Love this show. Format is so different. Please don't cancel
Marian Virnelli
Posted 08/27/14 at 16:20:26

Really enjoyed this show mainly due to the characters. Hope it gets renewed. Do not have trouble with the sound.
Posted 08/23/14 at 13:31:49

Love the premise behind the show. It's a great "in-between" the regular season show. I have to agree with a majority of the comments about the background noise. What does that contribute to the show - not much. Tone it down guys. The two main characters talk low enough and muffled as it is. I'm not watching for the music, I want to hear the dialogue.
Posted 08/22/14 at 15:34:28

Love the show! Great involvement between characters. I've added subtitles so I can catch the dialogue over the SFX and Muzak. It was a quick fix. Try it! I can thank my dogs for leading me to the subtitles solution. They get bored about half way through any show and decide to bark to get my I can still follow the show while we play in front of the tube.
Posted 08/17/14 at 14:10:16

Employ new sound techs. I have a difficult time understanding the dialog at times. Do enjoy the show.
Posted 08/13/14 at 19:35:11

Could not hear the dialogue. the music and background noise was unbelievably loud. the commercials came on even louder. I had to turn off the show it was too frustrating to watch.
Posted 08/07/14 at 18:19:50

Script, Stars, and concept are exceptional. Entertaining and engrossing. Please keep this show going. We need quality television...
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Kristin Lehman (Det. Flynn)
Louis Ferreira (Det. Vega)
Brendan Penny (Det. Lucas)
Lauren Holly (Dr. Rogers)
Cameron Bright (Manny)
Roger Cross (Sgt. Bloom)