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A comedy following a 19th century sheriff who uses forensics to track down criminals.

This improvised comedy focuses on John Henry Hoyle, a Harvard graduate who moves to the frontier town of Great Bend, Kansas in 1875 to become the new sheriff.

Along with his reluctant deputy, he uses the emerging field of forensics to help track down dangerous criminals in the wild west.

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Comments (6)

Posted 08/10/17 at 17:54:01

Please, Please, Pretty Please, bring Quick Draw back!!! My husband and I just Love this show!!! It will truely be missed. Was our favorite Hulu show Along with Shut Eye. Quick Draw is clever and original!! Put it back on!!
Posted 07/28/17 at 02:52:31

I'm still upset Hulu cancelled Quick Draw. IMO, it was clearly a low-cost comedy niche they could have had success with..

As it is though, Hulu thinks they can complete with the likes of HBO with their series Harlots, but I don't think so. Hell, even Cinemax couldn't compete with The Knick, and that was a great series.
Betti jo
Posted 07/02/17 at 17:55:56

This was an awesome show we have watched every episode at least 15× please bring it back!!!!!
Posted 04/12/17 at 18:10:58

I am a fan of quick draw and just finished watching the season two finale and am sad to here that Hulu is being stupid retarded badterds and not renewing it for more seasons as far as I'm concerned people should cancel Hulu I know that's what I'm doing bad Hulu just plain bad Hulu
Posted 04/14/16 at 21:40:13

This series is raunchy and full of dumb jokes.. I love it!
Posted 11/10/15 at 07:01:21

I found this series hilarious. I hope Hulu lets this series go on for a few more seasons.

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Genre: Comedy

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