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A teen drama following a group of strangers brought together by a curse plaguing their town.

In this spin-off of Pretty Little Liars, the lives of five strangers become intertwined by a deadly curse that has plagued their town of Ravenswood, PA for generations. What mysteries will they uncover by digging into the town's past to try and end the curse?

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Posted 02/07/15 at 11:12:24

People it is not their fault its ours bcuz we record all our shows. They cannot keep a count on who doesn't watch on regular time on tv.. & bcuz the commercials pay for them to afford the shows. Without that they have to end the shows. Cannot keep them playing & making with no money. Bcuz we hate commercials its our fault not theirs, as much as they want to keep
a show going they just cannot afford to keep it running. The new day recording & Netflix & all other way our new generation watches shows now is what ruining all our favorite shows to be able to even make it.
Posted 08/28/14 at 02:36:45

KLW194--I'm over 49 and I loved Ravinswood and am really pissed that they are taking off the air. I think Nielson ratings suck. The people should decide. Those who watched it!!!!
Posted 08/28/14 at 02:30:47

Can not believe they're cancelling this show. It was just getting really interesting. The fans are left hanging. Supernatural sells. What's wrong with the people deciding this. Over your head maybe?? Seems voting is always shooting down sy-fy or supernatural. Really disappointing decision. Please reconsider. Others out there put your opinions.💺💺
John Smith
Posted 07/17/14 at 07:57:51

So happy this show got cancelled! After just two episodes I hated it already!
Posted 05/21/14 at 10:09:10

will no longer watch abc family since they end shows and cancel them with out an actual ending!!!!!
Posted 05/07/14 at 23:10:14

It seems to me everyone should be blaming / suing the Neilson ratings people for discriminating against people over 49 for all the good shows being canceled. If you're between 18-49 years old you get your choice of what to watch. Over 49 and your voice just does not count anymore. Loved this show. Hate to see it gone.
Posted 05/03/14 at 21:51:18

how can someone cancel a show with such a good plot
Posted 04/11/14 at 01:33:09

Why do you people all biothch and moan on this board...BRING IT BACK? As if this site has anything to do with network programming. This site just reports the cancellations. Contact the network, because they ain't gonna read this site.
Jeanette Nevarez
Posted 04/07/14 at 17:19:53

Well its not the first time you have canceled another show I love. This is so pathetic its getting to the point that I don't get involved in your new programming you are just going to kill it anyway. First was soaps followed by good programming.... You could at least given us an ending not leave us hanging
Posted 04/05/14 at 13:11:45

very upset that you cancelled a show and left viewers hanging after ONE season !!

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Genre: Drama

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Tyler Blackburn (Caleb)
Nicole Gale Anderson (Miranda)
Steven Cabral (Raymond)
Brett Dier (Luke)
Merritt Patterson (Olivia)
Britne Oldford (Remy)