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A drama following contestants on a fictional reality TV show that ends up putting their lives in danger.

A group of strangers are dropped off in a remote area of Siberia to compete in a survival reality show. What they don't know is that over a century ago a mysterious meteor crashed at that site, and since then strange occurrences have plagued anyone who ventures there.

Trapped and with no help on the way, the contestants quickly realize this isn't part of the show they signed up for.

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Comments (153)

Posted 08/28/14 at 09:35:10

Waited all year for Siberia to return. Not fair to leave us hanging like you did with the last episode. At least give us a two hour final show. That last line "you're not supposed to be here"!!!! That is no way to end what was a very different show. I am an old lady and I loved it. I'm sure many young people love it as well. Be fair and give us a break.
Posted 08/22/14 at 07:52:18

as of right now Siberia is in limbo... it has neither been canceled nor renewed. nbc cant make up their minds what to do with the show. although neeko skervin who plays neeko on the show posted a teaser on facebook that a season 2 was possibly coming.
Posted 07/27/14 at 16:33:09

Does anyone know if there is going to be a second season.
Posted 07/16/14 at 16:34:02

when is this show supposed to come back on???
Erin Miller
Posted 07/05/14 at 05:34:41

Okay, it's July. . . . Where is Siberia?
Tracey M
Posted 06/26/14 at 11:44:53

Are you guys sure that Siberia is coming back? Looking at TV guide and it says nothing about it being on Monday
Posted 06/26/14 at 03:48:34

Siberia Season 2 is the best TV news this year!
Posted 06/19/14 at 17:48:10

I'm so glad that you are bringing back SIBERIA.
This is a show that has problems with people so close in quarters with people from different walks of life. This is a possible scenario for anyone. How would you be? Just think about it.
Posted 06/19/14 at 17:29:00

It is about time that someone came to their senses and put SIBERIA back in the lineup on NBC. This show keeps you on your guessing who next etc!
Posted 06/06/14 at 21:38:12

Guys good news! THE SHOW IS COMING BACK! YESSSSSSS! IT'S COMING BACK JULY 1. Get your t.v and popcorn ready cause Siberia is coming back baby.

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