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Network: NBC

A drama following contestants on a fictional reality TV show that ends up putting their lives in danger.

A group of strangers are dropped off in a remote area of Siberia to compete in a survival reality show. What they don't know is that over a century ago a mysterious meteor crashed at that site, and since then strange occurrences have plagued anyone who ventures there.

Trapped and with no help on the way, the contestants quickly realize this isn't part of the show they signed up for.

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Comments (144)

Posted 05/10/14 at 11:17:24

Hoping Siberia is coming back. Last season ended with a great cliff-hanger. Can't wait to see how it plays out!!
Posted 05/05/14 at 21:44:38

I love the show this show is the best show I've ever seen in my entire life
Posted 04/30/14 at 18:19:30

I was glued to it, and hate reality TV (but it isn't) Cant wait for season 2
Posted 04/28/14 at 03:05:01

Pues esta serie es distinta a todo lo que se suele ver en tv, pienso que deberian darle una oportunidad y que tenga un final digno, han intentado cambiar todo lo que se ve habitualmente en tv.

Well this series is unlike anything you usually see on tv, I think should give it a try and have a decent end, have tried to change all that is commonly seen on tv.
Ace CT
Posted 04/26/14 at 18:10:28

Terrible TV show, over scripted for a "reality" show. Watched a few episodes off DVR and deleted the rest. Bad concept, horrible acting, I can't understand how this made it on tv to begin with.
Posted 04/25/14 at 11:34:28

I DVR'd the show last summer and didn't get around to watching until last December. Once I had started, I couldn't stop and watched the whole of Season 1 in a week! it is an ASTOUNDING SHOW and we need Season 2!
Posted 04/16/14 at 17:31:58

Please bring Siberia back for a second season! I need to know how it ends!
Posted 04/08/14 at 11:09:32

It took me a few episodes to become vested but by the end I was hooked. I would really like to see what happens and hope NBC bring it back for sure!
B. Wever
Posted 04/07/14 at 11:18:53

This show was not canceled. It is scheduled to return June 2014.
Posted 04/07/14 at 05:52:20

I have been waiting with much the show coming back?? I think it's unfair that viewers are not given the outcome of the storyline. Please bring it back, if only to give it an ending.
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