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A drama following contestants on a fictional reality TV show that ends up putting their lives in danger.

A group of strangers are dropped off in a remote area of Siberia to compete in a survival reality show. What they don't know is that over a century ago a mysterious meteor crashed at that site, and since then strange occurrences have plagued anyone who ventures there.

Trapped and with no help on the way, the contestants quickly realize this isn't part of the show they signed up for.

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Comments (118)

Posted 12/07/13 at 10:58:21

DO NOT CANCEL THIS TV SHOW THIS IS THE BEST SHOW SERIES THAT I PERSONALLY HAVE EVER WATCHED! IF YOU DO NOT KEEP THIS SERIES GOING, A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL BE ANGRY!!! You seriously cant just stop at the last minute when a show is hanging on edge! So come to your scenes and keep Siberia!
Posted 12/01/13 at 13:58:18

Please do not cancel this show .i love it.
Cant wait for season 2!!!!
Greetings from Germany!!!
Posted 12/01/13 at 12:51:33

Please renew for season 2
Posted 11/23/13 at 04:39:48

Please renew!!! It has been a long time since a show has caught my attention like this - a long time indeed. I'm invested in the characters and their stories. Please renew!!
Posted 11/20/13 at 21:26:06

DONT CANCEL SHOW it chatch my attention till i sow the
Dyatlov Pass incident rlly got me into this kind of things i also loved the lost tv series .Come on live a little fantasy shows are the best !!!
Posted 11/17/13 at 15:44:44

Lola Pod
Posted 11/16/13 at 16:49:06

Can't wait for Season 2! Best show on tv! My friends and I have a Siberia club.
Posted 11/11/13 at 17:55:21

Good show .. Do not cancel it. :(
Posted 11/10/13 at 16:43:12

Ive been waiting for along time!!! I love this show and it maybe me jump out of my seat please dont cancel it
Posted 11/05/13 at 13:02:01

They still haven't made up their minds to keep or cancel?? I need to know what happens!
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Genre: Drama

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