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The American Baking Competition

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Network: CBS

A cooking contest where amateur bakers compete for $250,000 and the opportunity to publish their own cookbook.

In this cooking competition series, 10 amateur bakers are chosen from a nationwide search at local casting bake-offs. Each week, they compete in three challenges - "Signature Bake," "Technical Bake" and "Showstopper Bake." The contestant who out-bakes the rest becomes the current week's "Star Baker," while the one whose creations fall short is eliminated.

When the final challenge is reached, only one will go on to be crowned the best amateur baker in America and win the $250,000 grand prize. The winner will also be awarded a publishing contract with Simon & Schuster to publish their own cookbook.

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Comments (9)

Posted 08/04/14 at 22:10:16

I love this show!!!! Please tell me it will be coming back to broadcast TV. I can't afford cable television so if it's not on Free TV I don't get to watch it.
Posted 07/19/14 at 10:24:21

my husband and I loved the there going to be season two? competition the American way.
Posted 06/30/14 at 21:23:31

I am waiting for season 2. I love this because it is the only all-baking elimination competition that I will watch. I'm sorry about CSI Vegas, but they could have kept both shows if they really wanted to.
Mark Kolodske
Posted 06/27/14 at 17:37:20

Is there a season 2, and when will it begin?
Posted 06/16/14 at 17:10:06

I liked this it canceled or not?
Posted 05/18/14 at 20:30:30

I love the show when is it coming back?
Posted 07/16/13 at 13:24:21

Besides Pretty little liars this is the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need more
Posted 07/07/13 at 07:03:15

When is the tryouts for season 2
Posted 05/22/13 at 19:52:32

Horray more cooking reality shows way to go CBS you killed of Csi ny Vegas for this garbage what jackoffs

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Jeff Foxworthy (Host)
Marcela Valladolid (Judge)
Paul Hollywood (Judge)