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The Blacklist

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Network: NBC

A drama following an agent-turned-fugitive who offers to help the FBI catch top criminals.

Ex-government agent Raymond "Red" Reddington has been one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives for decades, thanks to his skillful brokering of shady deals for top criminals around the world.

Red has mysteriously surrendered to the FBI with an offer to the agency. He will help them catch a previously-thought dead terrorist under the condition that he speaks only to a certain FBI profiler named Elizabeth Keen. As a twisting series of events unfolds in the race to stop a terrorist, they wonder what Red's true intentions are and exactly why he has chosen Elizabeth to deal with.

It is revealed that Red has actually compiled has a long list over the years that is known as a "blacklist" of politicians, spies, mobsters, and terrorists. And Red is willing to help catch them all, as long as he continues to work with Elizabeth as his partner.

Comments (17)

Posted 04/08/14 at 10:58:16

I love James Spader. Great show and very intriguing storyline.One of the best.
Posted 03/17/14 at 16:05:18

James Spader is an excellent actor. My husband and I love this show, we even DVR it in case we fall asleep! Best show on TV!
Deborah Richardson
Posted 03/16/14 at 22:26:43

My favorite show then supernatural along with person of interest please keep these going I look forward to watching them love love love these shows
Posted 02/18/14 at 18:36:02

Great show. Love
Posted 02/14/14 at 15:55:02

best show on tv. james spader is amazing
Posted 02/10/14 at 15:51:28

I've been a fan of Spader all the way back to Tuff Turf LOL. This character reminds me of Boston Legal and I loved that show too. I'm very much enjoying this show.
daisy west
Posted 01/29/14 at 11:21:43

the show is great. James is a very very good actor. iam a senior. i stay up and have a coffee. please do not take this show off the air. between the person of interest and the blacklist you try to figure out how they will end.great shows
Posted 12/04/13 at 17:37:34

are you kidding David Wood? That is what makes the character so good. I love it just the way it is. I have seen some soft spots with "Red" although it is more like NCIS Gibbs, I love it! Can't wait to see more, and need to see the repeats please during the break until January! Great job!
Posted 12/02/13 at 23:08:39

Great show so it'll get cancelled soon or after a few seasons.
Greg Hall
Posted 11/27/13 at 17:47:03

Lizzie's character is too weak-Spader is magnificent
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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James Spader (Red)
Megan Boone (Elizabeth)
Diego Klattenhoff (Donald)
Harry Lennix (Harold)
Ryan Eggold (Tom)