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A drama following an agent-turned-fugitive who offers to help the FBI catch top criminals.

Ex-government agent Raymond "Red" Reddington has been one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives for decades, thanks to his skillful brokering of shady deals for top criminals around the world.

Red has mysteriously surrendered to the FBI with an offer to the agency. He will help them catch a previously-thought dead terrorist under the condition that he speaks only to a certain FBI profiler named Elizabeth Keen. As a twisting series of events unfolds in the race to stop a terrorist, they wonder what Red's true intentions are and exactly why he has chosen Elizabeth to deal with.

It is revealed that Red has actually compiled has a long list over the years that is known as a "blacklist" of politicians, spies, mobsters, and terrorists. And Red is willing to help catch them all, as long as he continues to work with Elizabeth as his partner.

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Posted 04/21/16 at 13:14:35

Don't worry, Blacklist fans. Elizabeth Kean will be back next season. With this show, all ties to reality are meaningless, so it will be normal for Liz to have somehow faked her death.
Posted 04/18/16 at 17:02:43

Agree 100% with angry viewer. My level of dissapointment is beyond anything I can post here and for the life of me, I will never undestand the way this business works. To get rid of the main character is just pure idiotic and there is abosuletely NOTHING more to see from this show.
Angry Viewer
Posted 04/15/16 at 01:34:38

NBC You have just ruined the best show you ever had <spoiler removed> was a show ending act. no point in watching it anymore, dumb move you should have asked the viewers why they watch. That's done for me NBC you Suck!!!
Posted 03/17/16 at 21:38:50

I must say I was ecstatic when word of a series starring James Spader got around! I've followed his career since we were both teens. There I go telling my age again. Nonetheless, I have enjoyed watching him in many genres. I do hope The Blacklist will return. We are enjoying it very much.
Posted 03/05/16 at 16:54:46

NBC must be out to kill this show. Run a few episodes in the fall, yank it off the air for six weeks, run a few episodes, yank it off the air for five weeks, bring it back??? At this rate THE BLACKLIST will be ready to start it's next season before it finishes it's current season.
Posted 11/15/15 at 04:08:27

Please end this 'on the run' story Arc and get Liz back on the FBI Team running cases like in season 1 and 2
This is a great show and if you continue with this awful long ARC of NONSENCE the series probably will get cancelled???
Posted 08/11/15 at 09:50:30

I should have added that I would love to have Hisham Tawfiq at my back. [The camera is not focused on him but he is still doing his acting job.] He is a great actor in this role.
And I like guest stars like Dianne Wiest (Lost Boys, Law & Order) and Mary-Louise Parker (Red, Red2, Red Dragon, West Wing).
They add a lot to their respective episodes
Posted 08/11/15 at 09:30:45

After watching cocky James Spader on Boston legal and its predecessor I couldn't turn this one down. In a way he is almost playing the same character. I didn't think they would kill off Alan Alda and Jane Alexander, Surprise.
The second wave of support cast have become as believable as RED. The first wave development was slow.
One Note:
Watch for Booch O'Connell to become a household name.
Private Detective
Posted 03/12/15 at 13:41:45

Keep this show coming. Looking forward to NBC renewing a fourth season! Reddington knows how to kick ass and take names.
Posted 02/05/15 at 20:42:27

Hmmm... love the show, will be interested to see how it does in it's new time slot against Scandal. One suspects the DVR's will be smokin' on Thursdays

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James Spader (Red)
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