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The Bridge

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Network: FX

A crime drama following detectives in two countries in search of a serial killer.

The Bridge of the Americas acts as a border crossing between El Paso, Texas and Juárez, Chihuahua. Two police detectives - one from Mexico, one from America – join the same cause investigating a serial killer who has been active in both countries along the Texas–Juárez border. Their investigation is impeded by obstacles such as corruption, indifference by the Mexican authorities, and borderland drug cartels.

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Posted 04/23/16 at 16:54:24

one of the BEST shows on TV, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!.... what are you guys doing!!!
Steve Blake
Posted 07/31/15 at 10:08:17

Is there no hope of some other network with better vision to pick this show up? It was one of the "must see" shows on television.
Posted 02/01/15 at 07:41:10

you suck us in and then leave us high and dry...thanks for nothing. goodbye to a great show:[
Susan Turner
Posted 12/26/14 at 00:32:30

What is wrong with the FX network it's a good show and now you're cutting it off. If you have something with the storyline and that's what gets cut first I'm so pissed. Bring it back FX. 👹👿
Posted 12/25/14 at 17:50:56

what the hell? one of the best shows on tv and of course you cancel it. errrrrrrrrr. DON'T CANCELL THE DAMN SHOW YOU MORON'S
Posted 12/23/14 at 00:10:59

OMG, no! one of the BEST shows on TV!
Posted 12/21/14 at 23:53:34

the show is renewed.
Posted 12/09/14 at 04:51:31

The Bridge is such a good show! The music in the beginning - the photos of a dry dusty environment- the actors were just superb! I wish the show could keep on going. The bridge is original and fresh. I am going to miss looking forward to this show! Please bring it back!
Posted 11/25/14 at 13:08:20

SNAFU. Another engrossing program bites the dust. The Sonya character is one of a never knows what she will do next. Keep "The Bridge", drop all of the reality crapola that is so obviously staged that it is an insult.......I've never watched more than 5 minutes of any reality show and won't. Unfortunately, "reality" programming appears to pay the bills, but good programming does not.
Kansas Mack
Posted 11/19/14 at 23:51:52

You people are absurd!!(FX Staff) Tyrant and The Bridge were outstanding shows!! If the cancellations can be stopped, please bring the shows back. Just keep cancelling trash like Chozen and Legit. Once again, please bring back Tyrant and The Bridge.

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Genre: Drama

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Diane Kruger (Sonya)
Demián Bichir (Marco)
Annabeth Gish (Charlotte)
Thomas M. Wright (Steven)
Ted Levine (Hank)