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The Carrie Diaries

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Network: CW

A series set as a prequel to Sex and the City.

The Carrie Diaries follows Carrie Bradshaw - best known from Sex and the City - back when she was a high school student in 1984. Her mother has died, her younger sister is rebelling, and her father now has the responsibility of having to care for his two daughters on his own.

Carrie is in her junior year and interning at a law office, all while exploring life in New York City.

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Posted 06/21/16 at 15:49:01

Please bring this show back. If you advertise it right and put it on the right channel it will flourish.
Posted 07/02/15 at 12:36:38

Leave it CW to cancel all the good shows. Surprised they haven't cancelled Vampire Diaries which has started to go downhill or the Originals that has gotten stale!
Posted 06/15/15 at 21:34:02

So I Just Started a Watching Carrie Diaries Because I Was Scrolling Through Netflix Saw Carrie Darries It Looked Very Interested & I Watched It & it Came Out To Bre I Loved It & I Looked Up On The Internet When It Would Be Coming Back On But I Was Cancelled I Was Sad I Kept Talking Bout It At Work , But Who Could Have Known & They Had It On Basic Channels They Should've Put It On Channel 32 Where The Rest Of The Teen Stuff At , I Wouldn't Too At Least See How Sebestian a Time In Malibu Would Be & Maggie's Marriage Turned Out But Sadly It Ended 😩
Posted 02/14/15 at 03:50:45

Just started to watch the last couple of episodes, really sad it's ending. I really like this one.
Posted 02/07/15 at 11:09:49

So very sad I know! One my fav's too. But.. People it is not their fault its ours bcuz we record all our shows. They cannot keep a count on who doesn't watch on regular time on tv.. & bcuz the commercials pay for them to afford the shows. Without that they have to end the shows. Cannot keep them playing & making with no money. Bcuz we hate commercials its our fault not theirs, as much as they want to keep
A show going they just cannot afford to keep it running. The new day recording & Netflix & all other way our new generation watches shows now is what ruining all our favorite shows to be able to even make it.
Posted 12/28/14 at 12:09:12

i love the carrie diaries
Posted 10/23/14 at 19:25:51

This is an awesome show! It totally needs to come back. This is probably my all time favorite shows! The show was fun, light hearted and showed the better side to TV. So many shows are dark, evil, and show too much violence!
Posted 06/27/14 at 11:18:29

Please bring this show back!!!!!! Please sign the petition at
Posted 06/05/14 at 18:13:14

I'm extremely disappointed this was cancelled. I had kinda hoped they would've at least brought Miranda in before the third season. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, and we'll probably never get to see Miranda or Charlotte. I really hope the CW changes their mind. They took this show off, Star Crossed, and The Secret Circle. How many times are they going to disappoint everyone?
Posted 05/28/14 at 15:13:13

Oh come on. The network sucks. The cancel all the good shows and leave all the Crap. Bring back this show

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Genre: Drama

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AnnaSophia Robb (Carrie)
Austin Butler (Sebastian)
Ellen Wong (Jill)
Katie Findlay (Maggie)
Stefania Owen (Dorrit)
Chloe Bridges (Donna)
Matt Letscher (Tom)