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The Goldbergs

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Network: ABC

A comedy following kids growing up in a dysfunctional 1980s family.

The Goldbergs are a typical loving family back in a simpler time known as the '80s, with just a tad more dysfunction.

Beverly is a classic overprotective mother who rules her household with full authority. Her husband Murray is rough around the edges and hot-tempered. Together they have three kids: Erica, Barry, and Adam - who are a handful to say the least.

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Posted 02/17/15 at 15:04:16

Love this show! My children grew up in the 80's and they enjoy reliving their childhood memories.
Posted 02/04/15 at 17:55:44

This is a great show!
Posted 11/30/14 at 19:41:32

This has to be the most obnoxious show on television. I've tried to watch 2 episodes, mainly due to the time slot, and it took everything I had to make it through the second. The jokes are not funny and taking them over the top only makes them worse. It is to the point where I change the channel if a commercial for this awful show comes on and often end up not coming back. I came ot this site hoping to find out if the show was cancelled - it needs to be and as soon as possible, it is an insult to the intelligence of anyone with half a brain.
Nicole Luvbug
Posted 06/23/14 at 23:24:24

This show takes me back to my youth. If they didn't tell us that this was already based on a real life family I would swear they had a camera in my house and were basing it on my family. Every bit of it is hilarious and I love, love, love Barry. He is the funniest with his mom being a close 2nd. Rest of the cast is great too and would like to see this show for many seasons to come :)
Posted 06/07/14 at 21:40:49

Love this witty, well-written show... so happy it was renewed!
The scenery and costuming take me back. The princess telephone in the kitchen with the long cord and the giant VCR with colored buttons are spot on.
Hair couldn't be big enough - so don't be afraid to go bigger on the whole family. Sometimes I went through an entire (tall) can of hairspray in one weekend.
The episode where Barry and Adam come across a scrambled adult TV channel actually happened to me during a party when I was trying to find MTV - instead I found the Playboy channel.
Also, Beverly's overbearing nature reminds me of my best friend's Mom who worked for Pacific Bell as an operator. She'd tap in to our after school phone conversations to tell her daughter to start dinner, and then go study for the SAT.
Posted 06/06/14 at 12:38:35

This show is Hilarious I love Barry he definatley makes the show and love the real videos at the end. Love the family and reminds me of being a kid again bring on more love it!!!!!!!
Posted 05/14/14 at 20:28:45

Love this show! Super happy it's been renewed for a full season! The vid clips at the end of the season finale were priceless!
Posted 05/08/14 at 17:56:56

Goldberg is awesome funny clever good family. NEW TRADITION IN OUR HOME.
Posted 05/02/14 at 19:17:04

Smart, funny, nostalgic. What other show gives you witty dialogue like:
Barry (older son) to his dad, as dad tries to talk him out of doing his lame karate routine in the high school talent show: "so you think I'm gonna suck?"
Murray (the dad): "No son, I know you're gonna suck."
Seriously, renew this show. It's a gem. Find a way to grow the audience in season 2 and this could be the next big hit. Please please please bring back Beverly.
Posted 04/26/14 at 19:44:04

Please renew this show. It's by far my favorite comedy on tv, maybe my favorite show on the air. It's one of the only shows my family gathers to watch. It's got wit, heart and it's really funny. Please don't cancel it ABC, like you did with MSCL! :~(
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Wendi McLendon-Covey (Beverly)
Jeff Garlin (Murray)
George Segal (Pops)
Hayley Orrantia (Erica)
Troy Gentile (Barry)
Sean Giambrone (Adam)