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Network: NBC

A comedy following a news anchor who is living with Parkinson's disease.

Mike Henry is one of New York City's most beloved news anchors. After being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, he is forced to put his career on hold so he can spend more time with his family and concentrate on his health.

Five years go by, and after thinking about it many times Mike is finally ready to try going back to work with the support of this friends and family.

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Posted 10/02/14 at 14:00:47

Are you kidding me every single time I like a show it gets canceled WHY WHY WHY I might as well just stop watching TV all together
susan ferchak
Posted 08/28/14 at 09:25:05

Another awesome show canceled
Posted 08/18/14 at 08:17:12

This wasn't a good show. It was hard to watch. REALLY HARD TO WATCH. Therefore, please don't post disappointment comments because your a fan of MJF. The show was pretty bad.
Danielle nbcsux
Posted 06/02/14 at 01:13:02

These networks suck I'm so sick of them cancelling these good shows but they leave stupid ones still on the makes no f IN sense. The morons in charge don't give it enough chance
Posted 05/18/14 at 17:02:23

The actors of this show were miscast against mjf. Why not use his actual wife? i didn't care for the woman they chose at all. No chemistry! I like her but not in that role. The showed tried to hard to be witty and could not pull it off. The show was quite boring in the end.
lindsey w
Posted 05/15/14 at 22:45:56

I'm sad to see this show is cancelled, however it was on NBC, so I'm not shocked. NBC cancels every decent show they have. I detest NBC, they're cancelling EVERY show I tune into NBC for literally,. Looks like the network officially lost another viewer...again, not surprising for NBC. They obviously need some "higher up's" staffing change...they're known for cancelling anything good and worth tuning into their network for.
Posted 05/07/14 at 18:42:06

Remember, Spin City was a ratings failure it's first couple years. The network should have given him a chance! He had a great track record with this network! They threw him under the bus, so to speak! They should show the last 7 unaired episodes and renew it! Hire a new writing crew because it JUST IS NOT FUNNY...PERIOD!
Posted 05/07/14 at 18:37:22

The network should have given the show a chance! Michael deserves that! They owe him that. He made money for the network for years. Remember, Spin city had bad ratings it's first couple years.
Posted 04/26/14 at 10:39:46

I hoped this show would be good. Meh. But I REALLY hated his sister on the show. Wow, she was frustrating.
Dick upyourazz
Posted 04/12/14 at 14:50:51


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Michael J. Fox (Mike)
Betsy Brandt (Annie)
Conor Romero (Ian)
Juliette Goglia (Eve)
Jack Gore (Graham)
Katie Finneran (Leigh)
Wendell Pierce (Harris)
Ana Nogueira (Kay)