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A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries following the world's original vampires.

One thousand years after the original vampire family pledged to always remain together, family bonds are starting to break. Time has passed, tragedy has taken its toll, and hunger for power has corrupted its members. Tensions are high in the city of New Orleans and long-smoldering war is about to break out.

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Posted 06/17/15 at 18:37:36

Hey Vampy, just a story line that Rebekah was in a different body for mort the season. She is back in "her" body now!
Posted 04/20/15 at 16:20:04

Love this show as well as vampire diaries. Works be sad if the discontinued them.
Posted 04/08/15 at 13:05:30

What happened to the original Rebekah. sounds like her voice but not her physically???????
Posted 01/08/15 at 17:17:12

This show is great. I love how they kept the cast small. Simple is better. Gets better development for each character. I can not wait for it to come back after winter break!
Posted 12/05/14 at 06:14:52

Love this show. Only wish it was in a different time slot. Dancing with stars and the Voice are in the same time slot and it was sometimes hard to make a choice. Would love to see Klaus go back for Caroline from Vampire Diaries. He did tell her he would be her last love.
Posted 11/22/14 at 22:12:42

Chances are this show will be canceled, i really like it but the story lines are getting tired, shame cause i really like the idea of it however while Klaus and Elijah are great to watch i miss Rebeka heaps and their feisty little brother was great also. New Orleans is limiting as a back drop the Werewolf are a little lame and witches just aren't interesting.
Posted 09/06/14 at 17:50:37

The Originals is a great show I love it a lot. The casts, the plot and everything else in the show is great. I can't wait until the show comes back. Love it
Dawn koepfer
Posted 07/19/14 at 19:48:59

This show is fabulous. The acting is just fantastic. Watch vampire diaries as well. I hope they get that going as exciting as the originals. I am am sure they will. They have alot to work with. I also hope Rebecca comes back. We all loved her character. She played it so sell. All the cast is remarkable. Great TV.
Posted 05/21/14 at 19:23:56

Season One Of The Originals is better than The Vampire Diaries. I watch both and am glad to have both shows, just happy to see this show doing so well!
Posted 04/28/14 at 11:45:13

WE LOVE....LOVE THIS SHOW!! I love my vampire shows!! Great show!!

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Genre: Drama / Horror

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Joseph Morgan (Klaus)
Daniel Gillies (Elijah)
Claire Holt (Rebekah)
Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley)
Charles Michael Davis (Marcel)
Daniella Pineda (Sophie)
Leah Pipes (Cami)
Danielle Campbell (Davina)