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Network: ABCFam

A mystery drama following a troubled teen suspected of murdering a fellow student.

Danny is a charismatic teenager with a troubled past who returns to his hometown after spending five years in juvenile detention for killing his aunt when he was eleven. Now an outcast, Danny tries reconnecting with his childhood friends and easing tensions with his mother.

But when one of Danny's fellow students is found dead in her home, he becomes the prime suspect underneath a cloud of suspicion and mystery.

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Posted 03/21/15 at 12:28:34

Praise The Lord this show was canceled!!! After they backstabbed the Dacey fans by putting Danny with Jo, I stopped watching the show and vowed to never again.
Looks like I'm not the only Dacey fan they ticked off. Good riddance.
Posted 03/09/15 at 04:22:43

Why do the shows that are loved, continue to get cancelled and the ones that are horrible continue to be renewed? SMH
Posted 01/24/15 at 18:10:58

What is wrong with you people you need to renew twisted it is one of the best shows there is just like prettylittle liars please start showing it again
Posted 01/11/15 at 07:28:03

ah it was just getting good ahhhhhhh what a shame
Posted 12/09/14 at 23:13:56

I loved that show so much never miss a episode
Posted 11/23/14 at 18:25:12

This really isn't fair this is a really good show and then they just cancel it right there with a cliff hanger but why it's was getting really good
Posted 11/08/14 at 13:40:49

Why would you delete twisted . This was a very interesting show this honestly is not fair to us who like it I watched it every tuesday and it will always be my favorite show I want to know what happens in the next episode?
Posted 10/26/14 at 13:50:44

The show needs to go on dont cancel it, its a great show and has gotten great ratings so please renew it. we need answers is it going to get renewed please. I love that Jo and Danny might be getting together dont cancel the show i want to know what happens next.
Posted 10/16/14 at 21:03:10

I'm sadly not surprised. ABC Family is known for cancelling good shows but keeping sucky ones. This is why I don't watch any of their shows anymore. Don't want to get attached to a show and it gets cancelled after one season.
Posted 10/16/14 at 16:55:05

This show was good!! You can not just leave us hanging. I really liked this show and you are wrong to cancel it.
I do not understand who cancels shows there is so much garbage out there. Please bring it back!!!

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Genre: Drama

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Avan Jogia (Danny)
Madelaine Hasson (Jo)
Kylie Bunbury (Lacey)
Ashton Moio (Rico)
Kimberly Quinn (Tess)
Denise Richards (Karen)
Sam Robards (Kyle)