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A mystery drama following a troubled teen suspected of murdering a fellow student.

Danny is a charismatic teenager with a troubled past who returns to his hometown after spending five years in juvenile detention for killing his aunt when he was eleven. Now an outcast, Danny tries reconnecting with his childhood friends and easing tensions with his mother.

But when one of Danny's fellow students is found dead in her home, he becomes the prime suspect underneath a cloud of suspicion and mystery.

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Rob Hood
Posted 08/18/14 at 07:51:02

I loved the first half of the season, but when the second half began, it fell flat. The writing became awful and I gave up on it.
Posted 08/10/14 at 18:36:47

Please reconsider the cancelation of one of my favorite shows. Twisted... I love Jo and Danny and
Lacey.... Please, Please sign them for another season...
Esther J.
Posted 07/22/14 at 13:13:42

Please do not cancel Twisted!! It is filled with mysterious topics and climaxes. Maybe not a lot of people were watching it, but what about the people who were interested in "Twisted" including myself. We would like to know who was shot at the end of the show? Who killed Ragina? Who sent her that money? Who rented the apartment in Connecticut? But the most important question, who is stupid enough to consider canceling "Twisted".
alicia smith
Posted 07/16/14 at 19:21:32

u guys are stupied for giting rid of this show it was the best show on abc family this show was my favrite show i actully cry when i herd the got rid of this show its not fair for ravenwood and twisted i misss this show and all u haters are stupied u knew this was a good show and now its canlled ur so stuiped bring this show back and canclles pretty little liers that show dum it just stupied bitchs i want twisted back and abc family sould lissen to there fan this show was amazing and so is the fosters and switch at brith bring twisted back
Posted 07/14/14 at 16:40:36

The storyline was great until it took a tacky turn
3 friends. Danny and Lacey attraction was obvious that they belong together. All first season we watch this relationship grow, then all of a sudden, you decide you want Danny with Jo? What the hell? It would of been better they all remained friends.
How do fans deal with this abrupt change? What about Rico? He gets pushed totally out. Not only do Jo deserve better, it's against girl code.
Posted 07/12/14 at 06:21:28

please, please xINFINITY dont cancel! abc has cancelled some amazing shows! but this one is just TOO amazing to get cancelled please do not cancel this show! ive been dying to see jo and danny get together! now since they might get together your gonna cancel the show?! make a season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 07/11/14 at 10:06:44

Posted 07/03/14 at 10:09:24

If abc family cancels this show I will never forgive them. This is like he best show ever and they have cancelled a couple shows recently so why cancel this one everyone I know that has watched it has loved it
Posted 06/30/14 at 06:21:20

I will never forgive ABC Family if this show gets cancelled. So many people love it and want to know what happens next. Don't cancel it just because it has a cliff hanger, this channel needs to get out of the habit of doing that. I really hope it stays, and I want to find out who stays with who and where each character ends up. I'll probably go insane, I've been waiting for months for some/any kind of news about this. KEEP THE SHOW PLEASE!!!
Posted 06/27/14 at 12:18:29

If by some miracle this show gets renewed, PLEASE bring in a set of new writers. The mess that the last few episodes left can only be fixed by better writers.
I'm going to be sad to see it go, especially since I really liked Lacey and Danny. It was awesome seeing a show that displayed POC characters without ever resorting to cheap jokes and gimmicks. Unfortunately their purpose took a back seat to Jo, but really it wouldn've been okay if the writing was at least good.
Anyway, the first half of the season was fun. The second half.... wow. It sunk the show.
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Genre: Drama

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Avan Jogia (Danny)
Madelaine Hasson (Jo)
Kylie Bunbury (Lacey)
Ashton Moio (Rico)
Kimberly Quinn (Tess)
Denise Richards (Karen)
Sam Robards (Kyle)