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A mystery drama following a troubled teen suspected of murdering a fellow student.

Danny is a charismatic teenager with a troubled past who returns to his hometown after spending five years in juvenile detention for killing his aunt when he was eleven. Now an outcast, Danny tries reconnecting with his childhood friends and easing tensions with his mother.

But when one of Danny's fellow students is found dead in her home, he becomes the prime suspect underneath a cloud of suspicion and mystery.

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Comments (20)

Posted 04/21/14 at 19:13:55

Best show ever PLEASE don't cancel
Posted 04/16/14 at 18:09:47

Keep this show...I am not much for watching a lot of TV, but this show has me hooked. I know others that just started watching since the last show and are now playing catch that love it too. Give this show another chance so that others can see what they are missing out on.
Posted 04/16/14 at 18:07:27

Do not cancel...I love this show. I am not for watching tv, but I haven't missed an episode. I know others that just began watching it trying to catch up since the season has been over. The show needs another that others can see what they have been missing.
Posted 04/16/14 at 13:31:20

PLEASE DON'T CANCEL THE SHOW. I love twisted the way I loved ravenswood but then that was cancelled. people love and look forward to this show, don't take it away
Posted 04/14/14 at 23:34:48

Please don't cancel the show, my daughter and I love the story. We would love to see what happens in the next season. I think that it deserves another season to at least tie it all together. Please give it another chance.
Posted 04/13/14 at 14:46:47

The second half of this season has been such a mess. There’s no consistency, no character development… Nothing makes sense. It’s like a completely different show from the first half. Lacey has been reduced to a background vehicle, only there to bring Danny and Jo together. Jo has turned into some cliche damsel in distress idiot who can’t decide on anything. Danny suddenly loves Jo after pining for Lacey for the first half of the season. Every single storyline gets pushed out and pulled away after 1-2 episodes. It’s such a random influx of nothing… Who writes this?
Posted 04/13/14 at 14:44:20

Cancel. It’s a mess. People told ABC Family on Twitter that they want more Lacey, and the creator promised more of her. That didn't happen, so people stopped caring. And the only reason the last episode (before the latest) did a little better was because of the lead-in from the season finale of PLL. Now that PLL is done, it’s pretty clear that Twisted can't survive on its own. 0.7 ratings is horrible even for Cable.
Twisted is amazing
Posted 04/10/14 at 02:27:39

I think if this show got canceled I would seriously cry. The cliffhanger was amazing and I want a season 2 now. So many mysteries it can't be canceled....ever.
Posted 04/08/14 at 19:47:39

My favorite. Please don't cancel.
Posted 04/08/14 at 10:32:02

Please bring twisted back!!!
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Genre: Drama

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Avan Jogia (Danny)
Madelaine Hasson (Jo)
Kylie Bunbury (Lacey)
Ashton Moio (Rico)
Kimberly Quinn (Tess)
Denise Richards (Karen)
Sam Robards (Kyle)