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Under the Dome

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A sci-fi drama based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.

In the near future, the residents of Chester's Mill find themselves cut off from the rest of the world when a mysterious, impenetrable barrier surrounds their town. While panic fills the streets, a small group of people attempt to maintain order and uncover the truth behind the phenomenon - including how to escape from it.

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Posted 07/24/14 at 23:57:37

Season 1 was good .I'm bored with season 2
Posted 07/10/14 at 14:54:15

best show, it won't be cancelled.
Posted 07/03/14 at 08:00:31

Never read his books so have no idea what this series is going to do next. I can say I am very upset at to many of the characters killed who I enjoyed watching. Makes me think about dumping this series now before I am even more disappointed. MKL
Posted 07/03/14 at 06:20:17

Another Stephen King failure with TV/movies. I liked the TV adaption of The Stand, but that's it. Let's hope they can get The Dark Tower right, if and when they ever get that going.
Posted 07/02/14 at 16:55:27

The only Steven King 'anything' I ever liked was Christine. Everything else including this show is tissue paper thin.
Rebirth 24
Posted 07/01/14 at 04:13:01

If you like this show you must have the IQ of gnat! It is pathetic!!
Posted 06/20/14 at 00:06:52

Season 2 will bring new life inside the dome. Not from human or tamed beast. Blind you will be to the unknown we will see.
Posted 05/16/14 at 23:47:05

iam big stephen king fan it is good show it about time
Posted 05/09/14 at 10:53:15

Great show! Glad it was renewed for a second season! Cant wait to see what happens!!!
Posted 04/13/14 at 06:20:09

"starts back on the 30th of june 2014" when does it start again in the UK? Email me at: <e-mail address removed as per site privacy policy>
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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Mike Vogel (Dale)
Rachelle Lefevre (Julia)
Colin Ford (Joe)
Natalie Martinez (Linda)
Dean Norris (James)
Alexander Koch (Junior)
Britt Robertson (Angie)
Aisha Hinds (Carolyn)
Nicholas Strong (Phil)
Jolene Purdy (Dodee)