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Welcome To Myrtle Manor

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Network: TLC

A reality series following the daily happenings at a trailer park community.

In this reality series, cameras follow the residents of the Myrtle Manor trailer park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. There, the park landlord is working hard to transform Myrtle Manor and its off-the-wall inhabitants into a top-rated resort.

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Posted 09/14/16 at 17:01:47

Bring it back on
Posted 12/28/15 at 15:38:44

I love myrtle manor, please bring it back on.
Posted 12/03/15 at 12:14:53

We LOVE Myrtle Manor!
It is a show that you can watch & laugh your a** off & forget that you are having or have had a bad day.
We have never missed an episode & are waiting for more.
Please renew...waiting in Arizona.
Posted 08/17/15 at 13:05:04

Saw on the web where it has not been canceled but was not renewed either. Yeah, It was a awful show. They should destroy the prior 3 seasons.
Posted 04/24/15 at 13:36:36

Its kinda sad now. The show used to be so funny and original and now this season is so fake and pushed it almost hurts. I wish it was like how it used to be.
mimi Flatt
Posted 01/17/15 at 06:54:34

I miss it. When will it return?
Posted 03/21/14 at 07:56:49

Great news! It is my guilty pleasure. :)
Posted 12/12/13 at 19:05:32

Posted 03/12/13 at 15:27:49

DAH! WTF. Doesn't want to make me go to Myrtle Beach.
Where are these people from anyway?

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Genre: Reality

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