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Network: ABC

A competitive murder-mystery competition.

In Whodunnit?, a group of wannabe sleuths compete to solve a weekly murder mystery in a mansion using clues found at the scene of the crime, the victim's last known whereabouts, and the morgue.

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Posted 07/15/15 at 14:48:49

I just watched the who season in 1 night and a part of the next day, I thought it was a really great show and my friends and I loved it we got really in to it. I know it's kinda late but I would like if you brought the show back because it's a really great show with suspense and excitement. Btw I am only 13 but I loved the show.
Posted 07/04/15 at 18:38:56

So when will season 2 air of whodunnit that's what I want to find out I see there doing auditions casting but will the show start again air n date let me kno.
Posted 06/07/15 at 18:03:52

Posted 04/23/15 at 07:23:16

Please bring back whodunit! Our whole family loves this show. Its a great show for alot of different ages. Such a fun mystery to figure out and we need it back for season 2015.
Posted 04/18/15 at 20:51:12

There is an announcement for a 2015 casting call. I don't think this is canceled
Posted 01/19/15 at 11:00:21

Why is this show cancelled? It was a great show, it had everything murder, mystery, and real life people. Of course the killings weren't real but at least the winner won money for trying to find out who the killer was, I would have killed to be on this show! But alas its cancelled, I hope though they decide to bring it back cause it only has one season and I was really looking forward to watching it in summer of 2014 but when no new epiosdes would come on I became very distort and lost interest quickly... still hope it comes back for a second season but with it cancelled I can kiss that dream good bye. :(
Posted 12/11/14 at 00:05:22

This show has been cancelled, look at the top right of the page.
Posted 11/13/14 at 13:43:41

Great show - glad to see they made a casting call for the 2014 season. Anybody know when it will air?
Posted 11/12/14 at 15:09:37

Don't cancel please my family loves this show
Posted 08/15/14 at 19:18:51

Just read they are casting for Season 2!! Don't know why it took them so long, but I'm thrilled Whodunnit will be returning!

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