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Witches of East End

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Network: Lifetime

A drama following a family of witches.

The mysterious Beauchamp family is made up of free-spirited Joanna and her two grown daughters, Freya and Ingrid, who are both unaware that they possess a magical birthright.

When Joanna's estranged sister Wendy shows up out of the blue with a warning that could change the family's fate forever, Joanna is forced to reveal to her daughters that they are immortal witches who possess great powers.

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Posted 04/28/14 at 12:09:49

Love this show!! I cannot wait for it to come back on!! GREAT.....GREAT SHOW!!
Posted 03/02/14 at 18:13:50

AWesomE Show!! Can't wait for the next season to start!!
Posted 01/13/14 at 18:45:58

Me and my son are going to watch the second season every Sunday so exited :-)
Posted 12/17/13 at 17:25:53

@Sweet ... You are correct !!!
Posted 12/17/13 at 09:43:11

At KAMRAMNA...I think you mean A "Parching" Imbude...Just Saying
Posted 12/09/13 at 16:50:24

I like the show ... a lot ...but the writers need to tighten it up a bit. A Patching Imbued was really weak, lousy continuity. Get it together ... I'd like to see season 3 !
Posted 11/27/13 at 17:21:43

I absolutely love this show .. Love Love Love it .. it is so exciting that I can't wait a whole week to see the next episode! I am so glad that it has been renewed :)
Posted 11/23/13 at 04:45:10

I started watching it with a give or take attitude but It is quite entertaining, glad it got renewed!
Posted 11/21/13 at 16:34:15

Love it, love it, love it. I watch it when it comes on and record it so I can watch it again a few days later.
Posted 11/20/13 at 12:55:26

This show is Awesome!! I'm hooked :-)
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Genre: Drama / Fantasy

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Julia Ormond (Joanna)
Jenna Dewan-Tatum (Freya)
Rachel Boston (Ingrid)
Eric Winter (Dash)
Daniel Di Tomasso (Killian)
M├Ądchen Amick (Wendy)
Virginia Madsen (Penelope)
Freddie Prinze (Jr.,Leo)