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Witches of East End

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Network: Lifetime

A drama following a family of witches.

The mysterious Beauchamp family is made up of free-spirited Joanna and her two grown daughters, Freya and Ingrid, who are both unaware that they possess a magical birthright.

When Joanna's estranged sister Wendy shows up out of the blue with a warning that could change the family's fate forever, Joanna is forced to reveal to her daughters that they are immortal witches who possess great powers.

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Posted 05/22/15 at 00:28:13

so sad this show was cancelled. felt like crying
Mary Anne
Posted 05/08/15 at 16:46:31

I LOVED this show. So disappointed!
Posted 04/08/15 at 23:00:12

Boo!! All the crap that stays on TV and the good shows get cancelled!!
This is horrible! And what are we supposed to watch instead? Lizzie Borden? Really!? An entire TV show about her?!?
Lifetime-listen to your viewers! Before we're not viewers anymore!
Melissa Gillespie
Posted 03/19/15 at 11:07:46

I cannot believe that this great show is off the Air. Me and my husband loved this show and I often look for more episodes.
Posted 03/13/15 at 23:18:39

I am deeply disappointed about this show being cancelled. There aren't that many shows out there about this genre. They also had an awesome cast! I LOVE Julia Ormond!!! If this show would have been on the CW, it would have run for at least 5 seasons! We want MORE Witches of East End!!!
Posted 03/10/15 at 10:25:35

Bring it back great show love it....
Posted 02/07/15 at 10:49:03

Why all of the good shows are being canceled is bcuz we are recording all of our shows we love. & they can't keep a count of shows not watched straight off of the tv. They can't afford to keep it on if we don't watch the commercials.. that's what pays to keep affording to make the shows. If we all knew that about many being canceled that we loved, we wld all made sure to watch our Top Favorite ones straight off the tv. They cannot keep a count of any watchers from recording them or watched on iPads Netflix, Hulu Plus & all on computers. & they say that's what our days have turn to, y many shows have no chance to make it to afford it & being canceled. Bcuz they just can't afford to keep it on with no count of how many Watchers. Only count is by.. The ones that watch it when it comes on straight off of the tv. Hope this helps everyone not to get so mad anymore at the stations they say very sorry but have not the funds to keep the good shows on. Commercials being watched pays for them. But the fans did not know that.. & yes we shld have been warned or told this. & i myself wld made sure to to so to keep it. I myself found this out recently y so many good ones, top rated to all of us like this one y this is happening to us. Petition that anyone to watch the shows on not record then they can afford to keep it on & see how many watching it. So they see not many bcuz we all record to work with our life style today. So all wld have to watch it on tv & all others dont wanna see go down. & Do Not Record! Its the only way but we live in the fast lane new age now. So thats what sucks.
Veronica Lynn
Posted 02/04/15 at 17:23:41

This was one of the better "Witch" programs on television. Sexy, thrilling, great special effects, and clever.
Another one of my favorite shows that have recently been cancelled. It seems like any television show that causes you to think and utilize a vocabulary with words containing more than 2 syllables is cancelled.
There is something very wrong here in America. Idiotic reality programs are renewed and thought provoking programs are cancelled. We need to raise our standards.
I will purchase all of the seasons on DVD.
Nora Long
Posted 02/02/15 at 13:00:55

This was an awesome show. It was smartly written, cleverly executed, well produced & directed. The sets were gorgeous & the actors were fabulous!! I can't believe its been cancelled. Very disappointing. I'll definitely think twice, before watching anymore Lifetime shows. I hope they change their minds.....
Posted 01/29/15 at 19:40:36

Wth this a show was great. I cant believe a show like devious maids stays on lifetime but you cancel a talented attractive group of witches. You're lifetime for godsakes this show was CW or FOX worthy.
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Genre: Drama / Fantasy

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Julia Ormond (Joanna)
Jenna Dewan-Tatum (Freya)
Rachel Boston (Ingrid)
Eric Winter (Dash)
Daniel Di Tomasso (Killian)
M├Ądchen Amick (Wendy)
Virginia Madsen (Penelope)
Freddie Prinze (Jr.,Leo)