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Are You The One?

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Network: MTV

A reality series following 20 young adults living together in Hawaii, each looking for their perfect match.

In this ambitious dating experiment, a group of 10 women are introduced to 10 men who have been deemed their perfect matches. The results, however, are not revealed to the group.

With all 20 people living together in Hawaii, they will compete in a series of challenges designed to test the intelligence of their hearts. Will they be able to find their perfect match?

If all 20 of them find their perfect match within 10 tries, everybody will get to split a $1 MILLION prize.

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Posted 05/21/15 at 18:41:43

At what point does any network (including MTV) say ENOUGH! People pitch these lame shows to networks that actually air them... why? Probably because they cost $14.87 to produce an episode and require no skill or intelligence to slop together.

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Genre: Reality

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