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Network: Syfy

A supernatural drama following the only female werewolf alive who is drawn back to her pack to help solve a series of murders.

Elena is the only female werewolf in existence who desperately wanted to escape her life and the man who turned her into the creature she is. Wanting out, she abandoned her pack and started a new life in the city, where she hides her werewolf existence from her new boyfriend.

When dead bodies start turning up on her old pack's turf, Elena is pulled back to her ancestral domain of Stonehaven. She is now torn between two worlds and two men in her life, but knows that she will stop at nothing to defend her pack.

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Comments (99)

Posted 04/22/14 at 10:16:11

Really hope they renew bitten, love this show great story, great characters! Maybe they should air it on a different channels to attract more viewers, once you watch it you love it <3
stephen wojciechowski
Posted 04/22/14 at 08:49:11

bitten is adecent show renew it
Posted 04/21/14 at 20:12:30

Hope that bitten has been renewed. Great adaption to TV of the books!
Posted 04/21/14 at 19:33:11

Please, more seasons for Bitten, I love Laura and the others.. :)
Tracy Clancy
Posted 04/21/14 at 08:27:45

Renew Bitten! It is awesome
Posted 04/21/14 at 00:10:35

Please let there be many season of bitten!
Posted 04/20/14 at 11:20:05

please let there be a season 2
Linda S
Posted 04/19/14 at 14:37:24

Bitten is an awesome show,it was getting better with each episode. The actors and crew did an excellent performance it was amazing to watch the show each week.I thought both Greyston Holt (Clay) and Laura V. (Elena)did an amazing performance and the storyline was great. The show gave just enough to want more, please don't leave it hanging!!! Please renew for a second season, the show could go in so many different directions.
jess w
Posted 04/19/14 at 14:03:49

please renew bitten im obsessed and i would love for it to carry on
Posted 04/19/14 at 13:54:37

Please please please let there be a second season!!!
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Genre: Drama / Fantasy

© 2013 Is My Show Cancelled?: Bitten

Not available on DVD


Laura Vandervoort (Elena)
Greyston Holt (Clay)
Greg Bryk (Jeremy)
Paul Greene (Philip)
Steve Lund (Nick)
Michael Xavier (Logan)
Genelle Williams (Rachel)
Natalie Brown (Diane)
Michael Luckett (Daniel)
Fiona Highet (Karen)
Curtis Caravaggio (Thomas)
Paulino Nunes (Antonio)
Pascal Langdale (Karl)