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Black Box

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Network: ABC

A drama following a world-renowned neuroscientist struggling with her own mental illness.

Catherine Black is a well-known neuroscientist who secretly struggles with bipolar disorder. The only other person who knows about her illness is her psychiatrist, who was at Catherine's side after her first break and acts as her maternal figure since her mother committed suicide after struggling with the same disease.

Catherine, along with her staff at The Cube, work to diagnose and treat challenging cases of patients with rare conditions.

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Comments (106)

Trudy bush
Posted 05/08/16 at 11:38:25

I miss this show so much...
Posted 02/07/15 at 11:06:55

People it is not their fault its ours bcuz we record all our shows. They cannot keep a count on who doesn't watch on regular time on tv.. & bcuz the commercials pay for them to afford the shows. Without that they have to end the shows. Cannot keep them playing & making with no money. Bcuz we hate commercials its our fault not theirs, as much as they want to keep
A show going they just cannot afford to keep it running. The new day recording & Netflix & all other way our new generation watches shows now is what ruining all our favorite shows to be able to even make it. So much one of my fav. # 1 Shows on my top list was so mad about to & I had brain surgery & still fight the disease & many of us related to so much of this show. What a sad waist & if we knew I'd watched it not recorded in a heart beat. Will be so missed! All top fav.s r always canceled bcuz we record them all.
Veronica Lynn
Posted 02/04/15 at 17:27:02

Another one of my favorites bites the dust. This was an educational and thought provoking program. After watching Black Box I have a new found respect for people who suffer with metal illness.
It seems like any television show that causes you to think and utilize a vocabulary with words containing more than 2 syllables is cancelled.
There is something very wrong here in America. Idiotic reality programs are renewed and thought provoking programs are cancelled. We need to raise our standards.
Cheryl Hugel
Posted 01/11/15 at 14:13:39

OMG are you kidding­čś▒. This is the best show on TV. I was Sooo looking forward to new episodes. There were so many great characters and so many more stories to tell.
Posted 01/04/15 at 14:46:26

Black Box............Please bring back !
Posted 12/17/14 at 18:55:10

Good riddance, this show was ridiculously bad.
Posted 11/21/14 at 04:06:15

Such a better show that Greys Anatomy....bring it back
Judy fulton
Posted 11/17/14 at 11:17:36

Bring back black box!!!
Posted 11/02/14 at 18:36:57

I loved this show. It amazes me when "they" drop such a good show as this was and keep shows that are totally ridiculous......season after season. What a waste.
Theresa Longman
Posted 10/29/14 at 19:21:12

ABC the "already been cancelled " channel has done it again. I knew I shouldn't have watched this show because itt was on ABC. And if I liked it & the show didn't make it's numbers, it would be cut. But the writing was excellant, intelligent with an original premise. The acting was outstanding & I loved the lead actress, even the music score was great. I learned to understand a little of what having mental illness in your family can do. Probable not enough, but I was willing to try. Please DO NOT CANCEL BLACK BOX. keep it on & use it to educate the PUBLIC about MENTAL ILLNESS. We love this show!!!

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Kelly Reilly (Catherine)
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Ali Wong (Ina)
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