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Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job

On Air: 
Network: A&E

A reality series following the lives of a couple from Storage Wars.

Cameras in this series follow long-time couple and dynamic bidding duo Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz from Storage Wars. Viewers get an inside look at their lives away from the auction game in Orange County, CA, where they raise their two kids and manage their second-hand store.

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Comments (17)

Posted 05/15/16 at 11:41:14

I thought this show was hilarious , Jarod is funny as hell..
Posted 04/27/16 at 10:50:42

Patrick are you high? Brandi is uglier than a mud fence. She has RBF. Resting bit*h face. This show was horrible.
Posted 04/09/16 at 04:12:21

Bring this show back. It's amazing and Brandi is literally the most beautiful woman ever!!
Posted 08/18/15 at 18:36:02

Loved the show. Pls bring them back! I would look forward to watching it on Tuesdays.
Posted 06/30/15 at 21:31:34

Those who are commenting negative things about this page are just dumb. If you do not watch it why bother commenting. Idiots
Posted 06/04/15 at 07:34:10

Since reality TV should be outlawed, it make sense that spin-off shoes from reality TV should be outlawed as well.
Dan Gibson
Posted 01/10/15 at 13:07:36

I loved the show bring it back
I love Brandi and her 2 friends!!
Silver dollar . Bring her back!!
Posted 12/19/14 at 01:53:22

this show is just so bad please a&e cancel this please.
Janise Deprow
Posted 12/14/14 at 16:58:48

Alx, you sound mui immature!
Janise Deprow
Posted 12/14/14 at 16:57:38

I loved Brandi and Jarrod's spin off. Their kids are darling and their family life was sweet. Jarrod is a bit of a tease but I used to know someone just like him. Makes life fun. They all four care deeply for each other. Please bring it back!

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