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Chasing Life

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A drama following a young journalist whose life changes when she is diagnosed with cancer.

April is an up-and-coming journalist in Boston focused on her promising career and taking care of her family at home. But her life is forever changed when she discovers she has cancer.

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Posted 05/26/17 at 04:14:10

Really liked this show! Bring back please! It was refreshing to be just about ordinary people with problems and how they dealt!! Loved it!!
Susan Rockefeller
Posted 06/10/16 at 16:34:35

This show was wonderful. Please reconsider and bring it back!
Posted 05/22/16 at 19:04:56

Posted 02/22/16 at 18:41:20

Idiots!!!! Network mucky-mucks are clueless!!! Of course it doesn't help that evidently the majority of American people prefer to watch garbage (like the Kardashians, adult cartoons, Big Brother, etc.) and great shows like this one (and many others) continue to be cancelled!!! Wake the hell up America!!! 😡
Posted 02/19/16 at 22:03:08

Good show, good writing, why can't they give these shows a chance, rather then canceling and replacing with crap!
Posted 01/07/16 at 19:30:50

What a shame that this show is cancelled. Such a disappointment. Get rid of the kardashians or the rest of the stupid reality shows. How can you cancel this show and leave us fans with no closure. Not a very smart move.
Posted 12/05/15 at 14:34:30

It is such a discredit to faithful viewers to cut it off without lids for all the cans of worms that they had opened!
Posted 11/04/15 at 16:43:44

So mad it ended that way and I wont be watching another ABC series very disappointed that you cancel the good shows and leave the tacky ones
P Buckner
Posted 10/27/15 at 06:50:51

I love this show it is one that all ages can watch not some stupid reality show and you have cancelled it? I won't start watching another one of your series because you get us invested in the characters and then wham cancelled. Very disappointed in ABC
Posted 10/23/15 at 00:59:59

This show is fantastic! I have even got my husband hooked on it. I am very disappointed that it has been cancelled!!! I believe that ABC family should reconsider and not cancel it. I believe there is going to be a lot of people upset about this. So much will be up in the air about what happens with April!

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Genre: Drama

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Italia Ricci (April)
Mary Page Keller (Sara)
Aisha Dee (Beth)
Richard Brancatisano (Dominic)