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Network: NBC

A drama based on the DC comic book series "Hellblazer".

John Constantine is a veteran demon hunter and master of the occult. Armed with a deep understanding of the dark arts and a sharp wit, he fought evil forces until abandoning his campaign because his soul was damned to hell.

When a series of events thrust him back into action, he will do anything to protect the innocent and tilt the balance of good and evil towards the right side.

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Posted 02/22/17 at 05:52:21

They cancel Constantine...
...and give us "Powerless"????
Great job NBC/Warner Bros! There's a reason Marvel/ABC/Disney is KILLING you, and it isnt just Netflix.
Posted 02/03/16 at 13:43:15

"Constanine will be a good series if the principal actor playing John is replaced because he does not look any close to the character in the movie played by Reeves."
He looks exactly like John Constantine does in the original comic, and therefore is exactly right for the part. The Keanu Reeves movie was a complete bastardization of the character.
Posted 11/23/15 at 21:10:22

i'm from malaysia and I enjoying watching this show...I was dead after know this show was canceled...i'm really need john to exorcist me to comback to life...
Posted 10/26/15 at 12:59:24

The problem with this site is NBC will not see this nor will they care if they do...but, To NBC; QUIT MAKING SHOWS THAT YOU ARE ONLY GOING TO CANCEL AFTER ONE SEASON. This was an awesome show. You get us to buy in to your shows just to watch us squirm when you yank them away from us. That's not cool. You want more ratings? quit causing pain in the lives of your viewers.
Posted 07/22/15 at 02:47:43

OMG! Please don't cancel this show. It is my favorite right now. It took awhile To like him, but I love the weirdness of him & his helpers. NBC Be smarter than ABC. I DONT WANT to stop watching your channel just because your to impatient to give an invested show like CONSTANTINE A chance.
As for Hannibal are you Really gonna cancell that show again? Shows like that keep you relative. I watch networks like CBS,ABC and NBC when you have interesting shows like,state of affairs. But I hate it because I can't trust you guys to develop the characters than,cancel it.
Posted 06/18/15 at 22:15:43

To bad it was a good show
Posted 06/08/15 at 09:35:07

Showrunner Daniel Cerone recently announced that the show is officially dead,they shopped it around to other parties,but apparently no one was interested.
mike dobey
Posted 05/26/15 at 10:07:33

Constantine first appeared in the early 1980's in the comic book "SWAMP THING" written by alan moore. He went on to have his own comic book series. It's a shame that this show bit the dust. NBC owns the sci fi channel and could put it on that one if it wants to. But I would not bet on it. I think supernatural is a fine show though and I am glad it's coming back for season 11.
Posted 05/21/15 at 19:26:23

this was a pretty good show, I'm sad to see it go!
Highway Dave
Posted 05/12/15 at 20:47:52

@ Pascal: The TV series was based from the Hellblazer comic and more closely represents the source material than the movie does. That being said, the first couple of episodes are a bit off putting as the character isn't very likable. If you can bear through a few episodes, it is brought together in becomes something that is enjoyable and immersive. I believe that it is for this reason that the show did not get the ratings it required to not get axed. Shame, I liked this one.

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Genre: Drama / Fantasy

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Matt Ryan (John)
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Charles Halford (Chas)
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