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Oct 24, 2014 - Feb 13, 2015




Drama / Fantasy


John - Matt RyanManny - Harold PerrineauChas - Charles HalfordZed - Angelica Celaya

A drama based on the DC comic book series "Hellblazer".

John Constantine is a veteran demon hunter and master of the occult. Armed with a deep understanding of the dark arts and a sharp wit, he fought evil forces until abandoning his campaign because his soul was damned to hell.

When a series of events thrust him back into action, he will do anything to protect the innocent and tilt the balance of good and evil towards the right side.

Comments (33)

02/14/15 at 03:06pm

I heard that the show maybe moved to Syfy. Can anyone else vr if this??? That would be grat!
Roy L
02/13/15 at 08:30am keeps being reported that this show has been cancelled already; is there any truth to that???
James Jacquard
02/07/15 at 10:45pm

I kind of have the feeling this is a grittier DC version of The Dresden files. I'm hoping for more then one season, but I'm not holding my breath.
12/13/14 at 02:09pm

I love this show!!
11/21/14 at 09:37pm

This show very much like Dominion! Dominion far better writing. If Constantine has a chance, writing and story needs huge improvement or its not going to make it. I hope they have better storyline coming up because if not it'll lose a lot of viewers. Good Luck!!!
11/20/14 at 05:40am

A pretty faithful adaptation of the comic...It's probably my favorite new fall show.
11/07/14 at 11:11pm

More sarcasm/ridicule. Boo too yoo.
11/07/14 at 06:51pm

more angels/demons, boooooo
11/06/14 at 06:47pm

I like it, but sadly it has no hope. its just too derivative of other supernatural shows. it will be cancelled after season 1.
11/03/14 at 03:26pm

I am going to keep watching, it's ok right now, it'll get better ... if the network doesn't cancel it first. This show has alot going for it, let it develop ... my opinion.

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