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A comedy following three brothers in the Army who end up stationed at the same military base.

This military-set family comedy focuses on three brothers who, when the best men are sent overseas, stay behind to keep their army post in order along with a group of other misfits.

Staff Sergeant Pete Hill is a charming, natural leader who was on a path for a big career in the military until a mistake overseas got him booted back to the states at Fort McGee, Florida - which is where his two younger brothers are also stationed. Pete now must serve as their platoon sergeant while maintaining their brotherly bond.

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Posted 04/19/14 at 16:39:51

Will this guy ever catch a break? Loved The Finder, love Enlisted. Dangit!!!! Maybe next one is the charm. This show was seriously hilarious. oh well. Another reason to give up on network TV
Posted 04/10/14 at 21:23:30

Cannot believe this show was cancelled. Geoff Stults was so good in "The Finder" and again in this show. Kept waiting and waiting for "Enlisted" to get started. TV execs have bummed me out, again.
william fruin
Posted 02/18/14 at 12:06:56

The show is funny and I knew it was damned from the start due to time slot. Why put a show on there unless you want it to fail. Plus this show depicts stupid and small things that screw ups due in the service which does happen.
Posted 02/16/14 at 16:47:29

This show is hilarious! I live in a town that depends on its Army base to keep us going and I know too many people that are just like this show!
Posted 02/10/14 at 14:53:54

My hubby and I watched the first eps. and that will be it for us. We did not like it even a little bit.
Bob R
Posted 02/07/14 at 19:46:09

It is somewhat of an insult to the military in the present day environment. Also, not really all the entertaining even after I viewed it more. Geoff Stults was great in "The Finder" (cancelled, of course) which was good fun.
Posted 02/06/14 at 12:14:08

This show stinks. Not funny, poorly developed characters. Stick a fork in it, it's done.
D Kaplan
Posted 01/18/14 at 16:29:47

I like the main actor... but this show seems to have terrible pacing and is completely inaccurate. Kind of feeling blah about it so far. Maybe it will get a bit tighter?

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Genre: Comedy

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Geoff Stults (Pete)
Chris Lowell (Derrick)
Parker Young (Randy)
Keith David (Donald)
Angelique Cabral (Jill)