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A sci-fi drama following an astronaut who returns home after a year in space.

Molly is an astronaut who has recently returned home from a year-long solo space mission. As she tries to re-adjust to life on earth and reconnect with her husband and son, it becomes apparent that her experiences in space are connected to events that will ultimately alter the course of human history.

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Posted 03/21/16 at 12:51:41

Yeah, let's use the forum of cancelled show to give unsolicited exuberance at the demise of a series that one apparently didn't even watch. NOT! So, you're saying a show you didn't watch is worse than shows you watched but didn't like?!
Personally, I'm waiting to finish Extant and I hope the producers at least decided to end it well since it couldn't continue. A personal note to Rumi, sometimes it's better to keep one's pen capped and be thought a fool then to uncap it and remove all doubt!
Posted 02/02/16 at 04:34:24

SO glad this show was canceled. Not a big fan of Halle Berry anyway. The only sci-fi show I watch is Doctor Who.
And to the person who said The Walking Dead is a soap opera.. that show was a soap opera from the beginning. Besides, it came from a comic book. I like it, it's entertaining. If zombies were attacking, I'm sure things like that would go down. Survival and drama. Talk about intelligent thinking. Did you expect every episode to have a zombie attack at the end? That would be BORING.
Sandra Hines
Posted 01/19/16 at 19:33:44

Another show gone. I really enjoyed the show so much. I can't believe it. Please bring it back. Thanks.
Posted 12/25/15 at 16:27:49

The Robot issue was not new .. but the way it was handled was NEW.
The alien interaction was not new but again the handling was NEW.
Many other aspects kept the show fresh - but alas it reverted into CONSPIRACY THEORY 101
Posted 12/09/15 at 08:28:23

It was a good show, too bad its cancelled. It had much more to do but in the end it shows the season 2 villain surviving for a possible come back in season 3 but no luck.
Posted 11/26/15 at 15:28:05

I hope the serie extant back in a few years, in the future, if the sci-fi series become popular again, please. That serie have been my favourite serie for two years, and then, I knew was cancelled, WHY?????
The first season was amazing, and the second was good, but was too different of first, I think that have been the problem, more people had seen the serie if the serie dinnae change too. Please, make the serie back, only another season, please!!! Thanks
Posted 11/11/15 at 17:57:15

Ethan finally finds molly again and the show is cancelled. Ridiculous
Posted 11/10/15 at 11:26:22

Thought it would be cancelled after first season. Second season was entertaining seemed to conclude pretty thoroughly. The plot twist with the computer being imported into a human body created the outline for a third season I doubt would hold my interest.
Posted 10/30/15 at 11:10:16

Are you crazy? Cancel The Walking Dead. If you haven't watched the show the don't have an opinion about it.
Posted 10/29/15 at 00:53:19

Ok I could've taken it or left it but I did watch every single episode so please at least give us a final episode to wrap the whole series up for us. Let us know how it ends. I'd love to know where the series was going to go with each of the characters. Maybe a two hour final episode?

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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Halle Berry (Molly)
Goran Visnjic (John)
Pierce Gagnon (Ethan)
Camryn Manheim (Sam)
Hiroyuki Sanada (Hideki)
Grace Gummer (Julie)
Michael O'Neill (Alvin)
Annie Wersching (Femi)