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Network: FX

An original adaptation of the award-winning film, featuring a new case and characters.

In January 2006, a drifter named Lorne Malvo meets and forever changes the life of insurance salesman Lester Nygaard while passing through Bemidji, Minnesota.

Meanwhile, a rookie deputy and an animal control officer work together to investigate a rash of murders they believe could be linked to Malvo and Nygaard.

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Posted 04/14/16 at 23:17:46

This is a great adult action drama. I think it's a little better than True Detective. All good IMO.
Posted 11/10/15 at 00:50:53

WOW - plz more. Season 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.
Posted 10/28/15 at 08:43:02

Season 2:ZZZZZZZ what a sleeper could not suffer E:3
Is this theatre school?
They all seem to be reading off charts...
Posted 06/24/14 at 22:07:01

The show was good at first. It got kind of silly for me with Billy Bob Thornton being such a bad ass. All the perfect shots was a little laughable. And the religious guy that died, that whole plot didn't do it for me. It wasn't shocking or anything. It was just WTF, not in a cool way. In a I'm getting turned off to your show way. It was alright.
Posted 06/23/14 at 13:11:34

Great writing, acting, twists and turns and NOT predictable. Thanks, FX!
Posted 06/20/14 at 10:56:59

LOVE this show. FX is one of the BEST networks for producing outstanding entertainment. Not like the junk the Main Stream Networks are throwing out for the feeble minded. I cant wait for season 2
Posted 06/19/14 at 23:31:00

You can’t deny this is a great complement to the film version. A true contender for the best new series in 2014. FX is slowly, but truly matching the likes of AMC, SHO, Starz and HBO. The acting skills mixed with the interesting characters adds unique ingredients to the backstories and potential subplots to follow in season 2.

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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