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An action drama following an L.A. detective who is also affiliated with one of the city's gangs.

Detective Ryan Lopez is an up-and-coming Los Angeles Gang Task Force detective. What nobody is aware of is that long ago Ryan once pledged allegiance to a powerful Latino gang known as the Los Angelicos.

Despite Ryan's dedication to his job, he still maintains a sense of loyalty to the gang's leader, Javier, who was also a father figure to him growing up. Javier also masterminded Ryan's entry into the police force.

But now Ryan realizes that his dedication to the Los Angelicos is not what it once was. When Ryan's best friend and partner on the force is murdered by a notorious gang member, he teams up with longtime Task Force member Cassius Green, who has been a vocal leader in the city's war on organized crime.

Ryan, together with Cassius and the rest of the police unit, now works to take down the city's most dangerous gangs.

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Posted 10/27/15 at 18:02:40

@Laurie Wht was the other show you liked that got cancelled?Saw the pilot of this show and I loved it.Sucks it got cancelled.
lulu Herrera
Posted 05/19/15 at 10:43:38

the show was amazing. I am wondering the same...WHO MAKE THESE DECISIONS? Bring the show back please.
Posted 03/28/15 at 15:34:45

Who makes these decisions? My 2 favorite shows from last summer have been cancelled. This will be a boring summer! Maybe another station will pick up. So disappointed!!!
Posted 03/10/15 at 10:15:35

it was a good show they shouldn't cancel with out an ending. I really hope they bring it back at least to a good ending.
mike dobey
Posted 01/31/15 at 17:25:59

This was an attempt to do a 'shield' like show about a bad cop. It just didn't catch on. I wish Hollywood would make less bad cop stories it's been done to death. anyways, it's not going to be saved. if you want to save something. there is hope for 'in the flesh' to be put on Netflix. and 'longmire' went to Netflix.
Posted 01/28/15 at 21:20:35

Wow.. I can't believe this! I was always wondering what happened to this show just found out they canceled it this was a really good show, someone should pick it up on another channel
Posted 01/27/15 at 23:50:04

Crazy this is cancelled. The season was so great, we thought the last 4! Episodes were season finales...whoever made this dicision is whack
Posted 01/20/15 at 10:46:36

This truly sucks this show was amazing they need to air it again...FX please pick up this show and let's get this going
J Hamilton
Posted 01/16/15 at 19:39:34

I am unbelievably buuuummmmed this show was cancelled. It was my favorite part of Thursdays when it was on. Amazing cast, and super exciting story line. I hope it gets picked up by another network too! FX where you at???? We need you now!
Posted 01/04/15 at 09:56:57

Fox always cancels it's best shows. They don't know what the viewers want. My family and I were on the edge of our seats and we eagerly awaited the next episodes. The finale blew us away. GREAT Show! Fantastic actors (Ramon Rodriguez, Terry O'Quinn, Cliff Curtis, Jay Hernandez and Reynaldo Gallegos, et al) and exciting plot. I hope another station is smart enough to pick it up and run with it.

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Genre: Drama / Action

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Ramon Rodriguez (Ryan)
RZA (Cassius)
Cliff Curtis (Javier)
Rey Gallegos (Carlos)
Jay Hernandez (Daniel)
Sung Kang (Tae)
Inbar Lavi (Veronica)
Terry O'Quinn (Sam)
Shantel VanSanten (Jessica)