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TV Tidbit: Season 4 premieres on Thursday, Sept 28 at 10:00pm.

How to Get Away with Murder

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Network: ABC

A legal drama following a law professor who becomes involved in a murder plot.

Annalise Keating is a brilliant and charismatic law professor at a prestigious Philadelphia university. When she gets entangled with four students from her class entitled "How to Get Away with Murder", they soon will have to apply their knowledge from class to real life.

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Posted 08/10/17 at 12:18:04

For David, who Posted 04/03/17 at 22:49:47:
I love our planet in the XXI century. But comments like yours have to go. It's not that I am gay or that I hate people that write comments like yours. I just don't wanna see them in this planet.
Posted 04/03/17 at 22:49:47

Great Drama and suspense. But the gay stuff is got to go. It's not I hate gay people. I just don't want to see it on tv. Great acting talent displayed. And the writing is superb and stiller.
Posted 01/26/17 at 10:01:44

I have been watching the show since the day it started
It was great riding great script great storyline great foundation for each of the characters
In the last season it was a mess !!! Losing interest
The flashbacks the editing and all the characters seem like they are lost
Today is January 26 I am watching it hopefully we will go back to its original form
Posted 03/11/16 at 04:20:21

I'm getting sick and tired of these snotty, disrespectful, ungrateful kids always picking on Annalise and blaming her for everything. Get rid of them, or change the plot!
Uncle Dickie
Posted 09/30/15 at 19:24:58

Way, way, way too "Gay is OK!" It is a part of the social landscape, to be sure, but I don't appreciate being preached at!
Posted 09/17/15 at 07:24:59

Only 1 week for the season premiere :D I think the murderer is Bonnie, or maybe Wes (I hope he's not) but who knows. Anyway, Rebecca's killer is gonna be revealed on the premiere so I'm excited to see what happens next. Also I'd like to see Matt Cohen's character stay as a regular cast member.
Posted 08/23/15 at 21:55:06

This is what a real show does, keeps you on the edge of your seat and waiting in suspense for the next episode. CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEXT SEASON!!!
Hugh Wilmott
Posted 08/16/15 at 07:03:53

I missed the last episode. Who was the killer?
Posted 03/28/15 at 22:38:20

WOW.....the last episode was WOW...LOL. I was not expecting [spoiler] to be the killer. I can't wait for more...
Posted 02/23/15 at 15:48:47

I love this show and hope it returns with another season.

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Genre: Drama / Legal

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Viola Davis (Annalise)
Billy Brown (Nate)
Alfred Enoch (Wes)
Jack Falahee (Connor)
Katie Findlay (Rebecca)
Aja Naomi King (Michaela)
Matt McGorry (Asher)
Karla Souza (Laurel)
Charlie Weber (Frank)
Liza Weil (Bonnie)