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A drama following a government agent who gets key intel from a microchip embedded in his brain.

Gabriel Vaughn is a government operative who is is the world's first human to be equipped with a super-computer microchip in his brain. This gives him access to key intelligence from any data center in the world, but also makes him a target for criminals everywhere.

Together with a secret service agent assigned to protect him, Gabriel fights to protect the U.S. against threats from its enemies.

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Posted 08/19/14 at 21:35:25

My husband and I loved this show and the characters. Of all the shows we record to watch on OUR time, "Intelligence" and "Person of Interest" were the only 2 shows we would watch almost live and past our bedtime to see them the same day they aired. Dropping "Intelligence" just makes us watch something else in that time slot that is NOT from CBS. I agree about there being too many reality shows.
David Stallings
Posted 08/19/14 at 02:40:46

PLEASE bring back this show there are two many reality shows on tv now don't know how you get your ratings but you need to look again !!!
Posted 08/06/14 at 21:48:48

Really enjoyed this show!!! I agree cut of some of the reality shows and bring this one back please!!!!
Posted 07/01/14 at 16:34:40

I really enjoyed this show and then CBS goes and gets rid of tired of reality shows and crappy storylines, this one actually had a decent one and now its gone.
Posted 06/23/14 at 12:49:08

Another show I really enjoyed. Cut some of the cop shows and put on more of these kind of shows. When you watch TV it is nice not to see reality but to get taken away from it for a while.
Posted 06/04/14 at 10:43:04

PPPPLLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEE!!!!!! DO NOT CANCEL this show BRING it Back!!!! ASAP!!! I hope you network people read these messages
Posted 06/02/14 at 01:47:24

Another fantastic well written delivered show that got me hooked and now its been cancelled ?? Cmon america, seriously ?? This show has everything i ccrave, suspense, well delivered graphics and amazing delivery of story done in such a way i always waited for the next episode feverishly. Why the hell would this intelligent programme/series not be renewed?? i think i know why, tv audiences are dumbed down and readily accept talk shows and crap that doesnt go beyond the intelligence and forethought of a goldfish!
Cmon networks, really ? This ones a gem and you cancel it ?, cant even give it a chance to build a following ??
Sooooooo dissapointed
Posted 05/29/14 at 07:25:29

Please don't cancel that show.That A good show
Eddie munoz
Posted 05/27/14 at 20:14:39

dont cancel this show, it is my number one show above person of interest and both ncis shows!!!
David Brierley
Posted 05/25/14 at 19:56:26

Im not from America so I don't really know what programmes are on what channels but yet another good show cancelled. Why why why do the trashy reality TV shows never get cancelled but all the good serials do. PLEASE GET RID OF THE KARDASHIANS
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Genre: Drama

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Josh Holloway (Gabriel)
Marg Helgenberger (Lillian)
Meghan Ory (Riley)
Michael Rady (Chris)
John Billingsley (Shenendoah)
P. J. Byrne (Nelson)