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A drama following a government agent who gets key intel from a microchip embedded in his brain.

Gabriel Vaughn is a government operative who is is the world's first human to be equipped with a super-computer microchip in his brain. This gives him access to key intelligence from any data center in the world, but also makes him a target for criminals everywhere.

Together with a secret service agent assigned to protect him, Gabriel fights to protect the U.S. against threats from its enemies.

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Posted 12/26/14 at 15:00:21

I loved this show!!! All my friends and family watched it too. I don't understand why all the good shows keep getting canceled!!!
Posted 11/24/14 at 08:09:06

this was an interesting show. I enjoyed it.
Posted 11/07/14 at 22:29:25

Don't cancel this one - this is great with great stories and plots. I hate reality shows and stupid adult cartoons. Bring this one back!!
Rodney Bowlin
Posted 10/29/14 at 10:53:51

Seems like CBS doesn't give it's shows a chance. I liked this one. Please don't put on one more stupid reality show. Thank goodness for the cable/satellite. They seem to understand a good series and give it a chance.
Posted 09/29/14 at 12:07:05

Clever show. Good acting and writing. Why cancelled? It seems the better ones get left behind for the really insipid reality shows. Or should I say "comedy shows"? They are good for a laugh, but spare me any meaningful "reality". Sorry to see this one go.
Posted 09/25/14 at 17:30:01

TV is so bad these days. Intelligence was fun and interesting. For the first time in years I was recording four shows a week. Now I am down to two again. I agree we should skip a whole season of CBS. Who is with me and how do we show one network people aren't the morons they think we are?
Posted 09/22/14 at 16:42:03

Enjoyed this show so very much. My husband and I loved the entertainment of this show. Why do you always take off the shows we like? I know, middle aged persons do not count in the ratings. However, we are the ones that finance and buy the products for our households etc., not teens and young adults. They are still living off their parents. So make the middle-agers happy and bring it back.
Posted 09/11/14 at 15:49:56

I ssaw ION just picked up a cancelled show why cant the networks see what a gem this is, unforgettable was going to be cancelled after season 1 but CBS reversed their decision and chucked into another time slot, i so wished that the same was going to be done for intelligence...sigh,........another reality show here we go...
Posted 08/28/14 at 01:45:40

I agree with other disappointed fans.. Too many reality shows and boycotting this channel is on my list. I like to know where they get there info from that bases their opinions from. As far as I'm concerned in done with this channel. They don't give enough time on new shows to give them a chance
Posted 08/19/14 at 21:35:25

My husband and I loved this show and the characters. Of all the shows we record to watch on OUR time, "Intelligence" and "Person of Interest" were the only 2 shows we would watch almost live and past our bedtime to see them the same day they aired. Dropping "Intelligence" just makes us watch something else in that time slot that is NOT from CBS. I agree about there being too many reality shows.
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Genre: Drama

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Josh Holloway (Gabriel)
Marg Helgenberger (Lillian)
Meghan Ory (Riley)
Michael Rady (Chris)
John Billingsley (Shenendoah)
P. J. Byrne (Nelson)