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Network: BBCAmerica

A drama following a secret society that chases immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others.

Jack Whelan is a former Los Angeles cop with a troubled, violent past who has settled down into a quieter life with his wife Amy. When she mysteriously vanishes, Jack's world is turned upside down.

When Jack is asked by a friend for help with a murder, he is drawn into a complex and surreal mystery. He is lead down the dark, winding road of his own past along with a revelation of a secret society that chases immortality by seeking refuge in other people's bodies.

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Posted 12/11/15 at 13:02:15

Yes, I'm late to the game. Discovered this show on Hulu. I knew before I started watching it that it had been cancelled but I decided to check it out anyway. Of course I loved it and it had James Frain in it which is a bonus as he is a brilliant actor. Sad it didn't continue.
Posted 09/11/15 at 17:31:19

Intruders was too intelligent for the average TV viewer
Karen M
Posted 04/12/15 at 17:24:36

Well, there's no reason to keep paying extra for BBC America.
mike dobey
Posted 03/02/15 at 17:08:04

This was a interesting show. They didn't give it a chance at all. Now it's cancelled. the bbc also cancelled 'in the flesh' which may get picked up by Netflix uk. BBC squashed 'survivors' and many other sci fi shows in the past though. they never give them a break. and it took bbc wales to bring back 'doctor who' , the bbc in England didn't want to do it. bbc wales does have some independence thankfully. bbc Scotland had the excellent 'sea of souls' and others , but they are all gone. Atlantis is gone. this means horror and sci fi are not in good shape as far as any bbc station goes. this was a bbc America show though.
Posted 01/27/15 at 10:18:04

Only rarely to TV shows come along that require you to both engage your brain and be patient (think Lost or Helix). Intruders is one such show. As the season progressed many - though not all - of the answers appeared. And there are plenty of new questions left from which to build a second season. It's well acted, cleverly scripted and probably the darkest thing I've ever seen on TV (a good thing - it's not afraid of anything!). I'm quite frustrated with the "too complicated" crowd. Rocket science is not for everyone, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. Those of us who appreciated a complicated puzzle tend to enjoy shows with long arcs and slowly delivered clues [imagine being Jack for a moment]. That's what real life is like - please let's have more BBC America. I too vote for season 2.
michael dobey
Posted 01/19/15 at 12:43:59

Intruders is a interesting show we don't know if it's renewed yet. It got better as the series went on too. In the flesh" was cancelled though. and we never saw , whitechapel season 4 on bbc America.
Posted 01/04/15 at 09:41:39

Intruders is an amazing show. Love it. Hoping it's renewed season 2. I've already watched twice, second time better around.
Posted 12/26/14 at 20:17:57

The little girl who plays Madison/Marcus (Millie Bobbie Brown) is incredible. She will win an Oscar some day.
Karen M
Posted 12/10/14 at 21:04:37

I paid $3 more a month to get BBC America just so I could watch this unbelievably awesome show. The acting is incredible and the story is deep, engaging, exciting and breathtaking. The actress who plays the little girl should get an Emmy for her outstanding performance. It is a complicated story at first, but each episode lets you more into understanding what is going on. If you are patient and pay attention, it will pay off, as things start becoming clearer and things come together. One of the best supernatural mysteries I have ever seen. I really, really hope it gets renewed.
Posted 10/21/14 at 20:52:18

I agree with Patrick. Not sure what the rest of you are watching, but the show i've been watching is awesome. I love the characters. The actors have done an amazing job. Not sure why anyone would say the show is "disconnected", or hard to follow.....
I for one hope this show gets another season soon.

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Genre: Drama

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John Simm (Jack)
Mira Sorvino (Amy)
Tory Kittles (Gary)
James Frain (Richard)