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Killer Women

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Network: ABC

A crime drama following an officer who becomes one of the first female member of the Texas Rangers.

Molly Parker is a sheriff's daughter who rises to the top ranks of the elite, male-dominated law enforcement establishment known as The Texas Rangers.

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Kimberly Ellis
Posted 11/13/14 at 20:02:08

I loved this show. All the shows I liked are being canceled!!! why?
Posted 10/13/14 at 10:04:05

this show was awful glad it got cancelled
Posted 09/23/14 at 06:35:18

It is a shame that reality shows take priority over shows that send a strong message. Molly's character was a victim of domestic violence. The fact that she got the courage to take a stand sends a message to all women out there going through the same thing. Educated strong women are also abused. The show Killer Women gave me a reason to watch ABC. So much for that!!!
Posted 07/31/14 at 11:37:08

ABC has cancelled almost all the show I watch on there network, I think the people at the top are STUPID!!!!!
D Webber
Posted 07/16/14 at 12:29:38

I just watched the complete season (episodes 1-8) on HuluPlus and was disappointed to see that ABC had cancelled the show. I really like the character Molly Parker and the supporting actors. The way that people view t.v shows has changed so much in the last 5 years. I personally like to watch the whole season at one sitting (over a few days) and I think many other viewers do the same thing. It is sad that ABC didn't give this show a chance to catch on with the viewers. Maybe another network will pickup this show (wishful thinking)?
Posted 07/01/14 at 16:38:15

I can't believe that ABC took this show off the air! It was my favorite show on the network! I wish you would bring it back! It was well written for a cop show because it showed how women can be in different areas of the law enforcement field that most people still think is for men only.
Linda Trussell
Posted 06/12/14 at 12:55:40

Killer Women was about the only show I watched on your channel. It was the best. Why did you cancel it? Many of the shows you have on your channel to me is just garbage.
Posted 05/30/14 at 23:33:47

I guess ABC doesn't know how to be the number one watched TV station. If they did they wouldn't be cancelling this show and keeping The Bachelorette, extreme weight loss, or Mistresses? I don't have a desire to watch people fake date or exercise and get yelled at or hop from bed to bed. Not my idea of entertainment. Stop cancelling the good shows!!!
Posted 05/27/14 at 22:48:47

They need to stop taking all the tv shows off the air that people
Actually want to see and start getting rod of all
This reality BS reality tv seems to be taking over
And I for one don't want to watch how these celebs
Live or act since most act like total jerks any way
And sorry but in this economy I don't want to watch a bunch
Of rich people blow through money like its water
Posted 05/27/14 at 22:42:57

TV execs need to stop canceling shows people watch to keep putting on this BS reality shows
And let people watch tv not some celebs live
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Tricia Helfer (Molly)
Marc Blucas (Dan)
Alex Fernandez (Luis)
Marta Milans (Becca)
Michael Trucco (Billy)
Beth Riesgraf (Jennifer)
Vincent Fuentes (Paco)
Paul Howard Smith (Lloyd)