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Network: TNT

A drama following an FBI agent able to uniquely take on the role of a different person for each job.

Martin Odum is an undercover FBI agent working for the agency's Deep Cover Operations division. His uncanny ability to transform into a completely different person for each case makes him perfect for the job.

When a mysterious stranger suggests that Martin is not the man he believes himself to be, he starts questioning his own identity.

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Posted 01/23/16 at 11:53:27

So wanted to keep liking this show. Love Sean Bean. Different city, different year, different language got to be way too much work to follow storyline. Sad to see it go but would not have continued watching unfortunately.
Posted 12/23/15 at 12:57:50

Had to turn on closed caption to understand what was being said. Sean Bean (Sheffield) no problem.
mike dobey
Posted 12/19/15 at 22:36:40

I enjoyed this show , the first season was more about going after bad guys , than a conspiracy. which is what it should have stayed as. when it became another conspiracy show then it was doomed.
Posted 12/17/15 at 07:56:44

What is wrong with people today, it seems like all the good shows are being cancelled. I have a feeling that a certain group of people took offense to this one and tnt is like most other corporations and does not want to offend this group even though they are painting a very valid picture of how this group truly is. What a shame it is. COME ON NETFLIX AND PICK IT UP.
Posted 12/16/15 at 15:07:29

I've been watching this show since it started. Not my favorite show but I really did enjoy it and thought the acting and plot was great. So bummed to see it was canceled. I can see how the show can be a little confusing for people. It's too bad all people's brains these days can only handle dumb reality shows. Maybe Netflix will pick it up.
Posted 11/02/15 at 20:10:38

checking my load site for this show. It was not there today but was loaded on Oct 24TH. Happy to see it back. MKL@ML
Posted 11/02/15 at 16:19:22

Glad it is back. I almost forgot about this show. MKL@ML
Posted 11/17/14 at 09:49:29

I enjoyed this show earlier this year and kept recording it. I now have the last 4 episodes of this season to watch. I've been waiting to see if it got picked up for season 2. I hope "they" make the decision soon!
Posted 11/16/14 at 23:54:19

Enjoy this show very much. An intelligent show so...of course it will be canceled. It takes thought to keep on top of what's really happening with it so people used to non-stop action and instant gratification won't want to think it through and won't have the patience to wait for the plot to develop. Too bad!
Posted 10/16/14 at 14:04:34

My husband and I love this show and hope it's renewed. We also liked Intelligence and several others that were cancelled.

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Sean Bean (Martin)
Ali Larter (Crystal)
Morris Chestnut (Tony)
Amber Valletta (Sonya)
Tina Majorino (Maggie)
Steve Harris (Nelson)
Mason Cook (Aiden)