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Manhattan Love Story

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Network: ABC

A romantic comedy following a new couple and the questions they think about during their relationship.

This romantic comedy takes a look at the differences between men and women by exposing the unfiltered thoughts, and often contradictory actions, of a couple who have just started dating.

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Posted 11/14/14 at 07:32:56

AGAIN??? another favorite show of mine is being cancelled by you all, ok now I REALLY know something is very wrong with the owners of this network :( you have successfully broken my heart twice with the cancellation of my 2 favorite shows and this show just got started and as I'm enjoying and looking forward to next weeks show YOU CANCELL IT??? I'm SO DONE WITH YOU ALL, I ain't watching nothing from this network again due to being scared that I may enjoy yet another show just so it'll be cancelled BY YOU ALL, ugh so lame, good luck, you're gonna need it!!! ADIOS
Posted 11/04/14 at 17:24:49

I can't believe this good show was cancelled. By all means keep shows like Selfie, a show about a self absorbed,self centered girl ready for a quick hook-up to further her "career". Yep....that's just what we need to watch!
Posted 11/02/14 at 13:58:51

I'm sad now. I really enjoyed this show. Much better than other shows they are keeping on the air.
Posted 11/02/14 at 12:37:45

So disappointed! My husband and I both loved this show. It was accented by delightful music instead of the obnoxious laugh track.
Posted 11/01/14 at 00:47:56

I really like this show. Disappointed now. It seems just when you start enjoying something they go and cancel it. I feel it was hardly given a chance and surprised they chose this one to cancel over some other ones. 😕
Posted 10/27/14 at 22:45:52

I wanted to see if they ever made things work. It was a good show and revealed truths that nobody wants to admit.... that we all talk to ourselves in our head about everyday things and life.
Posted 10/26/14 at 17:50:32

I loved this show it made me laugh out loud.. What an absolute shame..
Posted 10/25/14 at 07:16:18

Aww that's too bad. I liked this new show. It was a change to all the violence that we see on TV. Nobody ever likes sweet shows, only violence... I'm sorry to see that it was cancelled.
Melissa M.
Posted 10/08/14 at 17:10:05

This show is cute, sweet and funny. You should definitely give it a chance. Familiar faces from other shows I enjoyed- Greek, Accidentally on Purpose.
TV Junkie
Posted 10/01/14 at 16:01:08

Chloe Wepper is a bright spot in cesspool of dreck.

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Genre: Comedy

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Analeigh Tipton (Dana)
Jake McDorman (Peter)
Nicolas Wright (David)
Jade Catta-Preta (Amy)
Chloe Wepper (Chloe)
Kurt Fuller (William)