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A comedy following a rising stand-up comedian trying to advance his career.

John Mulaney is a twenty-something stand-up comic looking for his big break. Things look good when a comedy legend hires him as a writer, but dealing with his new boss soon becomes harder than he expected.

This gig might be John's way into the big leagues, but what is he willing to go through to get it?

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Posted 05/09/15 at 16:01:32

John Mulaney is funny live or doing 5 min sketches on Kroll Show. Doing a self-titled weekly 20 min sitcom with the Seinfeld formula is a bit much (for anyone). I didn't find him as likeable as I know he is. Also the cast was weak, synthetic and uninteresting. I look forward to seeing him as the foil in a robust, energetic ensemble comedy.
Posted 03/06/15 at 12:09:12

I can't believe people would compare this to Seinfeld, that thought has never occurred to me, they are in completely different leagues and I would say that was a bit of an insult to Seinfeld but maybe it's purely because it's a stand up comedian and he does that bit at the beginning but again, I never even made the connection as they are so different.
I do like the main guy in this and enjoy it I suppose but i'm not bothered it's being cancelled it's no great loss.
Posted 02/08/15 at 16:06:02

First this is a terrible rip off of Seinfeld. To even compare it as some fools have tried is a slap in the face of one of the greatest shows of all time. I figure that is simply trolling much like trying to interject race into the comments. Just and awful person would do that. This show is terrible and the only reason it is still on is due to connections this dreadful actor and worse comedian has made. If this was any other person it would have been cancelled after the second episode. The actors are all awful, boring and one dimensional. I have no explanation for why Martin Short is in this. "Series Finale" is tonight.....I guess a show this bad gets a finale for some reason.
Posted 01/26/15 at 16:39:40

Not the greatest show out there it's true. But it's better than Bob's burgers and that's on it's what? 3rd? 4th season?
I guess cartoons are cheaper to produce than a live show......only reason I can see to KEEP Bob's burgers but NOT Mulaney. I'd watch a 2nd season of Mulaney. I couldn't even finish the 1st season of Bob's burgers......
....but that's Fox for you. Drop "good" shows and keep TRASH like 'Idol'......
Posted 12/11/14 at 12:02:20

I didn't think it was so bad. John Mullaney was a little stiff, but I'll watch anything with Nasim Pedrad and/or Martin Short in it, and they were pretty good. Elliot Gould was stunt casting, though. Very strange...
Posted 11/30/14 at 19:13:14

it actually has more heart and more creative humor than Seinfeld. And -- surprise -- it includes people who aren't white. I love it. And I can't figure out the basis for the negative comments.
Almost Human
Posted 11/05/14 at 19:34:33

Mulaney should have been cancelled before it was GreeenLit. So FOX you now have the perfect opportunity to cancel this garbage and put Almost Human back on. You are welcome for my genius insight on the Mulaney shame.
Posted 10/22/14 at 01:27:44

pure junk, who approved this mess, get it off now! Martin stinks, whole cast needs to go. Why did they leave SNL for this mess
David Wood
Posted 10/13/14 at 18:54:01

Seinfeld clone it sure is.
But the episode I saw did have quite a few laughs for me. Maybe I just like the laid-back, weird style (like Seinfeld). That's a few laughs more than the majority of new sitcoms.
Posted 10/05/14 at 18:43:57

This show sucks so bad. I didn't laugh once.

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John Mulaney (John)
Martin Short (Lou)
Nasim Pedrad (Jane)
Seaton Smith (Motif)
Zack Pearlman (Andre)
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